How to Leverage User Reviews to Boost your Brand on Instagram

By Bradian Muliadi  | Mar 18, 2020 08:04 (edited)


91% of individual shoppers browse and depend on user reviews before making a purchase decision, according to a study conducted by Bright Local. And social media in general, has always been a melting pot for everyday people to vocally express satisfaction or discontent about topics ranging from people, to current affairs, or brands of products and services. 

In that regard, social platforms like Instagram, where more than a hundred million posts are uploaded daily, are the ideal avenue for brands to leverage on user reviews or User-Generated Content (UGC) to authentically boost their brand equity and credibility.  This is especially crucial for new or unestablished brands that need to work on building up trust among their target audience. Here are a few ideas you can experiment on to generate user reviews and leverage UGC to boost your brand:

1. Create an Instagram Profile dedicated for User Reviews and Feedback 

Brands and online shops regularly do this, whereby they dedicate one Instagram Profile for showcasing their products or services in an aesthetically coherent feed, while creating another separate Instagram Profile specifically for getting feedback and reviews from users.  So the former focuses on pushing the brands’ message, while the latter focuses on receiving users’ message, that way both Instagram Profile’s have a consistent theme content-wise and visuals-wise.

Buyers’ words will always overshadow the credibility of brands’ words, and if collected well, are the easiest to obtain.  So encourage call-to-actions to ask your users to leave positive reviews about your brand, and reply or acknowledge those reviews by commenting or reposting their reviews. 

2. Post User Reviews on your Instagram Stories and Instagram Highlights

One of the most popular formats to repost user reviews is on your Instagram Stories, and then saving them in your Instagram Profiles’ Highlights. This serves two key benefits: firstly you are amplifying the positive message of users to amplify your brand while boosting credibility, and secondly you are also engaging your users (and customers) by building a direct relationship with them.

3. Showcase more In-depth Reviews on IGTV

If you have the creative and production resources, creating IGTV videos is the best way to create evergreen branded content for your brand’s social media presence, whilst capitalizing on the rapid growth of video content.  Although it requires more effort, it is a “blue ocean” where not many brands are dedicating much time and effort to yet, which is why it is a good opportunity to truly differentiate your brand on Instagram. Due to the longer video duration limit of IGTV videos, it is also a good platform to elaborate on your products features in great detail to your target audience, thereby not only boosting brand awareness, but also product awareness.

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