How to Instagram Livestream to Build Your Brand

By Bradian Muliadi  | Jun 17, 2020 08:21

Global lockdowns from COVID-19 have not only caused spikes in traffic and engagement on social media platforms like Instagram but also fundamentally changed user behaviors and platform interactions. Since more users are consuming content from indoor environments with stable internet connections, Livestream adoption has noticeably accelerated, with Instagram Live seeing a 70% increase in views in recent months from the United States.

Instagram Live is highly effective in engaging audiences. Firstly, upon launching a livestream, your followers will get a push-notification and your profile will be highlighted on the Stories reel to indicate that your Instagram Profile is currently livestreaming. Secondly, Instagram Live offers a myriad of features for you to interact with your audience on the stream, thereby building audience engagement and loyalty.  Given that live streaming can be more challenging that regular content posts, here are a few quick actionable tips on how to build your brand with Instagram Live:

1. Let Your Audience Ask Questions

Questions about your product or service are often the last hurdle before a customer makes a purchase decision, and what better way to break that barrier in front of a deeply-engaged live audience on Instagram Live?  Answering on Instagram Live gives audiences a chance to ask about matters that are not usually discussed in your Instagram feed, additionally, the sense of spontaneity on Instagram Live gives the audience an impression of raw honesty and transparency that has a bigger brand equity impact.  In the long term, live streaming can be a useful tool for you to build and connect directly with your community to build lasting brand affinity.

2. Interview Popular Guests, Influencers, or Experts

An extension of the previous point, providing the information is crucial to reach out to credible customers. Sometimes, it is good for brands to push their messages even further with the help of experts or influencers through Instagram Live. The important difference between having a livestream with and without these experts is having your message delivered by a third party. Experts are able to give credible information that consumers often do not have the time or money to access. While influencers or ‘guest stars’ often represent the audiences themselves by asking common questions or voicing common concerns that consumers have. Additionally, interviews or talks are educational and entertaining, which are the types of content people most often seek in their free time.

3. Show Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) Footages

Research shows that younger audiences have the tendency to become more conscious and analytical about their consumption behavior. This is why more and more brands are showing how their company functions and the values they uphold. Often, this includes showing production processes, Corporate Social Responsibility programs, office diversity, or even mundane water-cooler events. Social media users today are used to a democratized access to information, therefore, they will appreciate the transparency that brands can give. When your audience knows you stand for similar values as they do, they are more likely to promote you to like-minded people.

4. Focus on Educating while Promoting your Brand

Educational content generally performs consistently well on social media because it provides value. So depending on your brand, look for opportunities to create tutorial sessions or give insights to the common issues that your products or services can solve.

Tutorials do not only provide information as to how your products can be used, but it can be a chance to showcase the various ways your products or services help the consumers. Additionally, you can have a discussion on Instagram Live about the issues that people are facing nowadays and what your brand can offer to ease the problem. You would not only be offering solutions but you will show the audience that their problems are heard and seen.

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