How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Post

By Bradian Muliadi  | Sep 16, 2020 11:49

How do Likes Affect Your Overall Performance?

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Likes is the first tool that comes to mind when a user decides to appreciate your post. More Likes is a good signal and validation of good-quality Instagram posts and usually regarded as the key currency of the social media attention economy.

How do Likes Affect Your Overall Performance

Although likes are only one of the types of engagement on Instagram, gaining more likes is a sure way to increase or boost your exposure. With likes, your Instagram post will likely move to a higher position in the users’ feeds. This means that you will get more Instagram engagement, traffic, and you are also more likely to land on the explore page. Of course, this could only happen if you have good and competitive content in comparison to your competitors or other Instagram users.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram


1. Share Liked Images

The best way to ensure which kinds of posts work best for your account is to review your past posts and find ones that performed best. Usually, you’ll be able to tell the difference between top-performing posts and the rest. This could be within the content, the visual, the image, or design.

Once knowing one of those factors, you will be able to focus your efforts more on developing those likable contents. If you have made a lot of posts in the past of you feel like your Instagram engagement is saturated between many different contents, you can take advantage of Instagram analytics tools. These tools often show you the best performing posts and help you find out the similar factors such as content, posting time, or visuals.

2. Give a Clear Call-to-Action

Users might be seeing a lot of good content daily, so it requires engaging good content that will push them to take action. Many posts that get a high number of likes give a call-to-action such as “like if you agree”. In fact, Social Bakers found that tweets gain more retweets when people ask for retweets.

Call-to-actions don’t have to be as explicit as “like if you agree”, a call-to-action to discuss or share also impacts how long people engage with the post thus raising the probability of it being liked. You can also use Instagram analytics tools that allow you to analyze captions and find the common, strategic call-to-action within your industry.

Source: Plannthat

3. Use Strategic Hashtags

A study by Track Maven found that posts with eleven or more hashtags got the most likes on Instagram. This is because hashtags help you get discovered by people who are looking for content similar to yours.

Finding the best hashtags for your brand can require a rather long process. However, the process can be more efficient by using Instagram hashtag analytics. The Instagram hashtag analytics will show you the top-performing hashtags that you have been using. Additionally, you can use this tool to analyze your competitors or other accounts within your industry.

Choose the top hashtags that you found, and use the Instagram hashtag analytics to also evaluate your performance after using those hashtags. This way, you can update your hashtag choices when it’s starting to be suboptimal.


Likes are important to get and maintain, especially if you want to get discovered by more and more people. Receiving likes is easier when you have good content, but you will still need to apply several strategies to maximize your posts’ potential. Instagram analytics tools will be able to help you in analyzing content, caption, and hashtags which are three important aspects that help you perform better.

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