How to Get Instagram Followers from TikTok

By Bradian Muliadi  | Nov 16, 2020 02:42 (edited)

TikTok and Instagram Audience

How to Get Instagram Followers from TikTok

Instagram and TikTok are known to have their own characteristics and even their own types of active audiences. Many of these audiences have both platforms and enjoy different types of entertainment across the platform. Expanding your reach in both platforms can open many possibilities and
expose you to more audience that can be beneficial for your brand.

TikTok and Instagram Audience

TikTok's audience tends to be younger than those of Instagram's audience. When it comes to engagement, TikTok users often give more engagement to unique content that doesn’t necessarily require a lot of effort or process. Meanwhile, to achieve high Instagram engagement, brands often create aesthetically-pleasing images featuring high-quality images or videos. Improving your Instagram and TikTok engagement is possible to be done at the same time, by improving your strategies on both ends.

How to Get Instagram Followers from TikTok

Let Your TikTok Followers or Viewers Know Where to Follow

TikTok allows an easily accessible button to your Instagram profile from your TikTok page. For brands that newly joined TikTok, it’s important to check and ensure that your profiles are already linked. This is especially crucial if you’re a social commerce platform with an Instagram account that allows Instagram Shopping. Your followers will be allowed to see the fun and entertaining
snippets of your brand on TikTok and continue to a shopping experience on Instagram.

However, on TikTok, it’s very common to have popular or even viral posts without seeing as much traffic to your profile. Therefore, you might want to add your Instagram name to your videos that could potentially draw lots of interest. This can be done in TikTok product videos or you can simply direct your followers in the comment section to your Instagram page.

Tease Your Instagram Content

There needs to be a reason for your TikTok audience to want to follow you on a different platform. Your job is to show them what you can offer on your Instagram. This can be in the form of teasers, where brands or TikTok influencers create call-to-actions such as “If you want to see more pictures, head over to our Instagram”.

This teaser should also be accompanied by engaging themes or topics. For example, you can offer how-to’s, recipes, or a continuation part of your content on Instagram in order for the audience to be compelled to move to a different platform to see it. Certainly, this must come with engaging TikTok content to attract people to watch more.

Designate Special Instagram Content

Although you want to harmonize the content you have on TikTok and Instagram, some exclusive features on each platform would encourage your audience to follow you on both platforms. For example, longer videos can be designed for IGTV while snippets of it can be promoted on TikTok. Take the opportunity to remind followers that you have “Full story on IGTV” so they'll go ahead and watch! 

To decide on what content would attract them to your Instagram, you can run an Instagram analytics tool on your account and other similar accounts. This will let you know which content can give most Instagram engagement so you can adjust your content to it. The same goes for your TikTok engagement, by using TikTok analytics to find out which types of content are most liked by the audience, you can create content that will lead the audience to your call-to-action.

Boost Your Instagram Activity

Giveaways, Instagram influencers, and more can help attract followers from Instagram and outside the app. This is especially important when your followers enjoy engaging with you on TikTok but haven't had the chance to join your activity on the platform. Your Instagram will give them a new experience with your brand.


TikTok and Instagram are powerful social tools for your brand. With proper strategies, each can complement the other and improve your overall brand engagement. TikTok analytics and Instagram analytics can also help you to determine the right strategies to apply on both platforms to benefit your brand overall. 

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