How to Boost Instagram Engagement with Instagram Analytics

By Bradian Muliadi  | Sep 07, 2020 07:12 (edited)

Engagement is one of the key indicators of whether your account has been performing successfully on Instagram. Engagement measures how many interactions you have had from your followers, therefore confirming whether your content has aligned with their interests and communicated well enough. Here are some of the key things to know about Instagram engagement and how you can increase it with the help of Instagram analytics.

What Are The Components of Instagram Engagement?

What is Instagram Analytics?

How Instagram Analytics Can Increase Your Engagement?

What Are The Components of Instagram Engagement?

Engagement is the interactions you get on your page divided by the number of followers you have. We also know “Engagement Rate” which indicates the percentage of interactions divided by the number of followers. What are these interactions that become components of engagement? They are typical likes and comments. You can choose to measure other items such as shares and saves, which may also contribute to showing your content on explore by the Instagram algorithm.

What is Instagram Analytics? 

Instagram analytics is typically a way for you to know your performance on Instagram. Do not mistake Instagram analytics for the in-app Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights may show you some of the basic components of your performance however, third-party Instagram analytics often offer you deeper and more detailed analytics. Fundamentally, Instagram analytics will show you how users and followers are responding to your posts, who these people are, and thus help you to evaluate your strategies.

Furthermore, it will help you discover trends and strategies that your industry or competitors are using. That is why many Instagram analytics are also equipped with Instagram profile analytics, hashtag analytics, and more.

How Instagram Analytics Can Increase Your Engagement? 


1. Analyzing Followers Interests

Instagram analytics helps you discover the trending and top posts of the current time. You can use it to help you analyze your ongoing campaign or current performance and see the top posts you are making. You can also see other users’ posts and analyze them. This means that you are able to access Instagram Influencers’ analytics as well to determine the type of posts and target group that you want to engage with. Additionally, you can boost your campaign even further by employing an influencer marketing strategy and utilize your Instagram influencer analytics to find Instagram influencers that suit your campaign needs best.

2. Showing Your Best Time to Post on Instagram

An important part of the Instagram algorithm is your posting time because this determines the likeliness and the number of engagement you can get with your post. Instagram analytics is able to evaluate the best time for engagement based on the previous posts you made. You can also use these analytics to analyze other users' best posting time, including your competitors and Instagram influencers.


3. Showing Hashtags with Good Performance

Instagram hashtags help many users and brands be discovered by more audiences. Instagram analytics can help you see the volume and performance of the hashtag you or your competitors have been using. This way, you can evaluate and renew your hashtags to maximize your performance.



There are many factors that contribute to Instagram engagement, therefore, a marketer should carefully consider their strategies to get the most optimum results. Instagram analytics can help you with this by showing you details of your performance and your industry's performance, which is often used by successful brands and Instagram influencers.

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