How To Promote Your Home Service Business With Instagram Marketing

By David Lim  | Jan 17, 2023 12:24

Marketers should use diverse strategies to grow businesses and brands, especially in competitive industries and settings. Aside from conventional marketing, now’s the best time to take a deeper look into digital marketing since millions worldwide are constantly on their screens. While most business owners choose to do the digital marketing themselves, hiring a good digital agency like
DoubleDome Digital Marketing can offer your business high-level consultation and advertising expertise.

A lot of your prospects and customers use social media platforms like Instagram which is one of the most popularly used ones. This digital media networking site allows people to post pictures, videos, stories, and reels. Such features effectively grow your followers, expose your brand more, and advertise your products and services. If you own a home service business, you can leverage these features and use them to promote and reach out to your customers more effectively. 

Consider these pointers to grow your home service business through Instagram marketing.   

Partner with an Internet Marketing Agency  

In essence, digital marketing agencies deliver online advertising strategies and campaigns to help you reach your business goals. Chances are they have access to special marketing techniques and trade secrets that effectively grow your platform even more. The key is to partner with a provider who’s specialized in internet marketing services for home services.

Such digital agencies are focused on helping you attain a return on investment for your marketing expenses and reach your business targets and goals. They'll use all the weapons in their arsenal to ensure you get the best return on your advertising investments. Needless to say, you can maximize many Instagram gimmicks which your marketing team can’t otherwise formulate on their own. 

Maximize on Visual Storytelling Strategies  

Visual processing is a favorite human activity and is Instagram's main focus. Naturally, people can gain a better understanding of the world around them by visualizing it. As a home service business, you should leverage visual storytelling because it gives your viewers a deeper understanding of everything from complex instructions to abstract concepts. 

There are many digital media forms to apply visual storytelling strategies. For instance, you can incorporate videos as they hold your follower’s attention longer. The more they watch your video content, the better they understand your brand and services. The key is to post video content that tells relevant, relatable, and helpful stories to your audience.

Devise a Content Calendar  

One good strategy on Instagram is to devise a content calendar. This makes your posts more organized and effective. It’s hard for business owners to figure out what to post on social media, which is why they get overwhelmed. There are possibilities to post content which are irrelevant and ineffective and could possibly turn off your audience.  

By devising a content calendar, you can plan your content earlier and generate schedules for when to post them. Whether you want to post a quote, a picture, a tip, a video, or some behind-the-scene footage of your home service team, all these contents can effectively promote your brand if you get them in order. Also, ensure to consider the best Instagram posting time for your content. You should factor in the world clock and the different time zones of your prospects and customers worldwide.   

Incorporate Effective Hashtags

In recent years, hashtagging has become one of the most popular social media trends. This social media strategy is ever present on Instagram and other social networking sites. You may benefit from including relevant hashtags on Instagram because they make it easier for your prospects to search for you. Your content and profile become easier to discover when you use the right hashtags. 

When an audience searches for a specific hashtag, the most relevant content that most Instagram influencers use will appear. That’s why most businesses take advantage of the Instagram hashtag feature since they can gain exposure from it as long as the right hashtags were used at the right time. So don’t miss out on it. You can research the most commonly used or popular hashtags by users and those of your competitors to see which one to include in your posts. 

Hashtags also work well if you’re into affiliate marketing. Whether you post videos on your Instagram, incorporating the right hashtags will allow your viewers and buyers to discover the best affiliate products on your platform and earn commission through it. 

Always Engage and Be Interactive with Your Followers

Engaging with your audience on Instagram is one of the best ways to promote your account. Like the rest of social media marketing, being interactive with customers can go a long way. The more you engage back with comments from consumers, the more exposure you’ll receive.  

Always be interactive by being omnipresent on Instagram. Check your likes and followers, and repost your customer’s posts about you. It’s important to be proactive with your customers so they can grow their trust in you. Through these engagements, you strengthen your relationship with your audience and build trust while organically promoting your Instagram account.  

Post Reels 

Instagram Reels is one of the recent features that Instagram launched and has already been used by many users ever since. Home service businesses can take advantage of this tool by creating reels out of actual home service journeys and implementations. 

You can include behind-the-scenes videos or a teaching guide on how to do a home project that can help people. Keep your reels looking interesting and fun. You can use reels to target a specific audience or to expand on a product or service focus in your Instagram story.   

Repost Local Content

Reposting local content from your followers, local businesses, and local customers in your area can improve your business's reputation on Instagram and in your local community. Home service businesses should strategize locally by growing their platform in local communities. You can make use of Instagram analytics tools to see how your local posts are performing. 

Reposting others’ content about you will make them feel valued and appreciated.  It’s also a free advertisement to attract more followers to your page. The more real content you share, your brand becomes more human and approachable. A strong reputation is built through this strategy, and it saves you a lot of time by creating original content. Posting other’s content is already original content that can effectively attract others. 


Whatever your business goals are, there’s no doubt that Instagram can be an effective platform for reaching out to your wide audience. Essentially, you can start with the tips above to grow your home service business more. Don’t forget to approach a professional digital marketing agency and work with them as you craft the best strategies that will grow and widen your Instagram reach.  


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