How To Make Your Instagram Pics Look Peachy For The Dreamiest Summer Feed

By  | Jun 28, 2019 09:58

Dear, lovers of all things related to social media and Instagram: This one is for you. This is the article you've been scrolling through the web for, because it gives you the details on the latest trends you need to know about and the color palette that should be taking over your profile. It answers your most pressing questions like, "What preset packs should I download this month?" and "Why is my feed covered in such beautiful and saturated hues of orange and pink?" You need those answers, right? Lucky for me — a self-proclaimed guru of filters, editing, and hitting the "share" button — I get to give you the scoop on how to make your Instagram pics look peachy for the ultimate and dreamiest summer feed.

Recently, you may have noticed that your screen has been looking extra pretty in pink. Your followers may be posing in front of warm and bright walls, like the ones on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, or with juicy grapefruits and watermelons on the beach. They may be showing off their sweet roller skates, their freshly-dyed, salmon-colored hair, or their millennial pink accommodations. Long story short: They're living and breathing #PeachyMode — aka, the latest trend on Instagram that'll take your feed to new and dreamy heights.


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In addition to this trend being one big color overload, it's a warm, fun, and inviting approach to Instagram. Like the color pink or your favorite moments of summer, it's all about living your #bestlife, being creative and bold, and looking at every day situations with a pair of rose-colored glasses. Personally, that's my absolute favorite part of this trend, and the sole reason why I've been putting pink borders on my vacation pics and blooming flowers next to my green juices. You can make your post look peachy, too — I pinky promise.


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Aside from thinking about the composition of your pics, you may want to download a preset pack from one of your favorite influencers to land the #PeachyMode look, too. Influencers, who are well-known for their dreamy feeds — like Jaci Marie SmithAspyn Ovard, and Lauren Bullen — all have collections of filters you can purchase for Lightroom Mobile and use with ease. They'll enhance the selfies and outfit shots in your camera roll, and pair really well with the #PeachyMode hashtag that must be in your caption. Give them a follow while you're at it, OK?


Koki Jovanovic/Stocksy

First, is YouTuber and owner of Kristin Made Inc., Kristin Johns. She has a more subtle approach to the trend, if you ask me, incorporating pinks and peaches into her feed via bath towels, potted plants, and rustic walls. Occasionally, she will wear a light pink T-shirt, or chill by a coral-infused wall in Copenhagen, Denmark. I would describe her account as easy, breezy, and totally peachy.

Next up, give a follow to Jordan and Kemper, a couple who creates amazing content and travels together. Their feed is serious inspiration if you want to take pics that are particularly peachy with your significant other or your bestie who loves Instagram. Finding pink lights, blazers, and headbands will be essential.

Also be sure to check out Danielle Deaville Kirkland for a life through a rose-colored lens. She's a content creator whose photos feel vintage and modern all at the same time. Her beach pics seem to have a peach haze, while her outfits are straight-up pink — loudly and proudly. That's my kind of take on #PeachyMode.

Aaron Thomas/Stocksy

If that inspiration and insight into the #PeachyMode trend still isn't enough, I have a few other picture ideas you can easily recreate for your Instagram feed. They won't require hopping on a plane, using your passport, or going on a staycation. They won't require a fancy camera, either. They're simple, and will make sure that your experience with this trend is totally fun.

Start by grabbing something pink or peachy from your closet and posing in it, right around golden hour. Get raspberry smoothies with your BFFs on the weekend, and take a snap of the cups against a white or orange wall. Fill your camera roll with radiant neon signs, tropical bathing suits, and rose-colored glasses. Last but not least, find a field of flowers that'll give your feed the dreamiest summer look and a dose of this peachy palette.

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