How Brands Can Leverage the Power of Influencer Marketing

By  | Jul 30, 2019 03:30 (edited)

In today’s competitive business climate, it has become increasingly hard to cut through the noise. Consumers have started to ignore online ads and consider them a nuisance, prompting many brands to take advantage of different means and tools to get noticed online. 

So, if traditional ads and banners are no longer appealing to consumers, how can you gain their attention and trust? As times change, new approaches are adopted to help businesses stay afloat. Modern brands today are leveraging the power of influencer marketing, and the rewards are endless. 

Top Reasons to Use Influencer Marketing 

Increased Brand Awareness 

Many modern brands take their marketing to the next level by employing influencers with large numbers of followers. In 2018, about 58% enjoyed increased brand awareness through the help of influencers. These influencers provide you access to their audience, which automatically increases your reach. 

Given the fact that influencers are present all over social media, partnering with them will also increase your media presence. The more your name is out there on social media platforms, the more it increases your brand awareness. 

Consumer Trust 

Influencers gain huge followings because they effectively establish trust. As a result, the power of influencer marketing can add credibility to your brand, eventually gaining consumer trust. 

About 49% of consumers are said to rely on product recommendations from influencers. This consumer trust makes influencers a big part of many of these buyers’ purchasing decisions. Today’s consumers go to bloggers and other authority figures for new trends and the latest ideas. Armed with the right strategies and excellent content, it’s no wonder influencers affect consumer buying decisions. 

Sales. Sales. Sales

Increasing sales is the primary goal of marketers who turn to influencer marketing. In 2017, there’s an increased ROI of $6.78 for every $1 spent on influencers, and this is seen to continuously grow in the next coming years. This is explained by the fact that most consumers today rely on social media when it comes to their buying decisions. It is worth noting, too, how social media presence matters given that most people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones consuming content on these platforms.  

Online retailers are clearly making good use of this since mCommerce is dominating and revolutionizing the buying experience. In a recent survey, about 65% of consumers intend to make purchases via mobile devices. 

Final Thoughts

With the ever-changing dynamics of social media marketing, it is crucial for brands to utilize and leverage different tools to ensure they keep up. Among the most effective strategies of this generation is influencer marketing. To make the most of the power of influencer marketing, make sure to partner with the right influencers whose skills and interests suit your brand best and increase the chances you’ll reap benefits from increased brand awareness, sales, and more conversions.

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