Hootsuite vs Analisa.io : Which is better for your marketing strategy?

By analisa.io  | Dec 12, 2019 07:13

Marketing through social media has now become a trend. Large and small businesses, almost all of them use social media platforms as part of their marketing. Either by using your own business account or with influencer marketing.

Social media analytics tools are the best way to produce powerful marketing strategies. This tool can be used to help you determine the type of posts, find specific keywords, to determine the posting schedule.

Hootsuite and Analisa.io are two of the many names in social media analytics tools that are widely used today. Both of these tools have their own features and advantages that can help you manage your social media marketing and marketing strategy. Which tool is better to use to make marketing strategy?

Hootsuite vs Analisa.io

The following is an overview of Hootsuite and Analisa.io as your consideration in making choices

  1. Analisa.io

Analisa.io is a platform that provides complete and accurate information about Instagram account profile and hashtag analysis. Not only Instagram Analytics, Analisa.io also started launching the TikTok Analytics feature. Because currently the TikTok platform is also just as popular as Instagram.

Instagram is a social media platform with total downloads of more than 1 billion. While TikTok has been downloaded more than 500 million times. Therefore, Analisa.io starts by focusing on both of these social media.

Unlike other analytics platforms, Analisa.io doesn’t offer free trials. Because Analisa.io basic itself is completely free. Only by registering, you can use it for free as you like. You can also upgrade if you want to get in-depth analysis and insight from your account or hashtag on Instagram and TikTok.

Analisa.io targets all groups, ranging from brand marketers, agencies, to influencers from around the world. Including the market are individuals who are trying to measure the performance of an Instagram account or hashtag

Instagram usually provides basic insights for your own profile. However, Analisa.io provides sophisticated analysis and insight about public Instagram Profiles, Followers or Hashtags. We provide more actionable insights that you can use for Campaign Reporting, Demographics & Authenticity Follower checks, Competitive Analysis, Tagged Relationships, Influencer Mapping, Content Analysis, and more!

Analisa.io can also be used if you use influencer marketing. You can find out Instagram Analytics and TikTok Analytics from these influencers. That way, you can find out which influencers are right to help promote your product.

With these various advantages, Analisa.io can be the right choice for those of you who are marketing products through social media Instagram and TikTok.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a content management service site that provides online media services that are also connected to various social networking sites. This service helps companies to use social media in the form of sites that can be used to launch marketing campaigns, identify and add audiences, and deliver targeted messages on several media channels.

Just like Analisa.io, Hootsuite can also be used for Instagram Analysis, TikTok Analysis, as well as those of you who use influencer marketing.

To use Hootsuite, you must pay a certain nominal according to the category. Unlike Analisa.io which focuses on Instagram and TikTok, Hootsuite can be used in almost all social media platforms. There are also several features besides analysis that can be used, including for scheduling and content curation of social media.


Based on the table, there are some striking differences from Analisa.io and Hootsuite. The most striking is in terms of rates for the paid version. It can be seen that Hootsuite tends to be cheaper at a cost of $ 19 per month.

This price is the fee for the Professional package Hootsuite, which can access 10 profiles with 1 user. While the fees applied by Analisa.io are premium rates that can access unlimited numbers of profiles and hashtags.

Analisa.io has unlimited search that allows you to search for profiles and hashtags as much as possible. Also, sign up in Analisa.io is easy. Not only because it’s  free, but you also don't need to input your credit cards there. Surely it will make you feel more secure and comfortable when registering instead.

 Hootsuite and Analisa.io: Which one?

Both Hootsuite and Analisa.io have their own features and advantages. For the best use you can adjust to the needs of your marketing strategy.

If you use Instagram and TikTok in product marketing, it is recommended to use Analisa.io. Because Analisa.io only focuses on those two things, it can certainly provide better and deeper results. Moreover, you can use it for free!

Meanwhile, if you use social media platforms other than Instagram and Tiktok, it is better to use Hootsuite, which can indeed be used for various platforms.

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