Hidden Instagram Code Reveals Unreleased Collaborative Features

By Forbes.com  | Mar 27, 2019 08:35 (edited)
Instagram may soon add an entirely new feature reminiscent of the popular ‘visual discovery’ platform, Pinterest.

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The new feature, called “Public Collections” isn’t currently available for use, but by delving into Instagram’s latest Android code, the well-known app ‘unpacker’ Jane Manchun Wong has uncovered yet-to-be-enabled settings which will allow Instagram collections to be made public.

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Back in 2016 Instagram introduced the ability to save favorite posts for later review. The “Private Collections” feature, introduced the following year, allows users to group saved posts into albums based on arbitrary themes, much like Pinterest’s Boards. The key difference being that Instagram’s private collections are visible only to those who create them and can’t be shared with others.

That would all change with the introduction of public collections. If the prototype user interface remains the same in the final version, users will be able to simply flick a switch to make collections publically viewable. There’s also the option to add multiple contributors to create collaborative albums.

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