Getting Started on TikTok Analytics With TikTok Pro

By Bradian Muliadi  | Apr 17, 2020 09:02 (edited)

Are you using TikTok as one of your marketing efforts? Measuring content performances and engagement rate key, but do you already know how? Let's take a closer look at the analytics features on your TikTok mobile application to get you started on getting actionable insights to improve your TikTok growth.

1. Access TikTok Analytics by Switching to Pro Account 

TikTok provides an analytics dashboard if you switch to the Pro Account. You can get insights from the analytics especially when you need to get insights on creating a content strategy. Switching to Pro Account is very easy, just follow these steps below:

2. Profile Overview Analytics

This tab is the overview of insights that TikTok analytics provides. There are three key metrics you can measure from the profile overview that will be useful for you to maintain social media performance. These TikTok metrics are Video Views, Profile Views and Follower Count

  • TikTok Video Views

    You will be able to see how many viewers viewed your videos. The data will show the number of viewed videos in the past 7 days - 28 days. The number will be displayed on a per-day basis. 

  • TikTok Follower Count

    This will give you insights on how many followers you have gained in the past 7 days - 28 days. With this insight, you can identify growth spikes to better understand what type of content led to higher follower growth rates, and then attempt to sharpen your content strategy to focus on growing your fan base.

  • TikTok Profile Views

    TikTok records how many profiles views you get. This shows how many TikTok users actually clicked on your TikTok profile to view your TikTok bio and TikTok feed. You can also see which content drove more users to your profile. 

3. TikTok Follower Data

This is very similar to insights provided on Instagram analytics. In this tab, you can see the demographics of your followers. TikTok provides data such as gender and location. This way you will know who your audience is and tailor your content to be relevant to your target audience. 

4. TikTok Content Data

This section is probably our favorite one because you get rich insights about your and emerging content. With TikTok content analytics, you will be able to see each content’s analytics that reveals:

  • Total like count of post
  • Total number of comments
  • Total shares
  • Total playtime of the video
  • Total video views
  • Average watch time 
  • Traffic source types
  • Audience territories

With all of the above, you are all set to gaining a better understanding of your own TikTok Profile to boost your TikTok content, follower, and engagement growth. But what if you want to get similar analytics and insights on other TikTok Profiles such as your competitors’? That is when social analytics tools like comes in handy, where you can analyze any public TikTok Profile or TikTok Hashtag. Click here to search other TikTokers for competitor analysis and compare your TikTok Profile with industry peers.


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