From Eyeballs to Hearts: How to Engage the Hearts of Customers

By Bradian Muliadi  | Feb 18, 2020 10:30

The basic need of human beings is to feel understood, which is a need that can similarly be applied to Brands. If a brand wants to reach its business goals, it should first understand its customers intimately. Here are a few things brands need to know to engage the hearts of customers, and form mutual affection;

Understand Customers’ Needs

Brands must understand its customers’ habits and interests. Brands must move beyond surface-level industry data and reports, and work on a deeper level to understand customers’ pain points and inclinations to drive brand affinities, and eventually purchase decisions.

This can be tricky because people are unpredictable. To generate trust, a brand has to comprehend what inspires the customers to settle on a choice.  This intimate understanding of customer behaviors can then be used to tailor branding and marketing messages of social media content, to connect with customers and build defensible brand loyalty.

Provide a Platform for Customers to Express themselves

Beyond being understood, human beings also have a fundamental need to express themselves.  Customers, especially digital users, find satisfaction in being able to freely express likes and dislikes about people or businesses on social media. Brands should deliver a platform guided with relevant themes or relatable questions to enable customers to satisfy their need for expression - this is how communities are built, and how brands get earned media.

How can you fulfill your Customers’ basic human needs to be Understood and to Express?

  1. One of the easiest things is to focus on creating good quality content on social media. For having a good content quality on your side, you may need a content marketing agency that can create and develop the best content work for your social media platforms. Instagram is most useful because of almost everyone on it. You can even be creative with the content formats since Instagram provides a myriad of features to create posts, stories, IGTV, Live stories, and even paid ads to support the brand. 
  1. Analyze your customers’ social media habits by using analytics tools likes provides Followers' report to let brands know what time and date of the followers are likely engaged onto the Profile so the brand will have consideration of ideal time to post content on Instagram. Not only that, but also provides an Instagram Engagement Rate that shows the specific number of how many engagements are earned on a brand’s Instagram profile. Top Captions and Top Hashtags could also highlight what type of content customers or creators typically create. 
  1. Treat your social media as a two-way communication platform, don’t just push content, invite discussion, debate, and opinions from you followers! This is the best way to build familiarity with your audience while engaging them on a deeper level. Always remember to insert call-to-actions on all your posts. 

By trying all these methods, hopefully, we all can get much more love from our customers on social media. Social media growth is a nurturing and experimental process, so keep testing, analyzing, asking feedback, and reiterating to nurture meaningful social media relationships.

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