Why Fitness & Lifestyle Brands Should Hop on TikTok Now

By Bradian Muliadi  | May 06, 2020 09:32

In times of home lockdown, fitness and lifestyle brands may find difficulty in campaigning for new customers. Brands and users on TikTok however, seem to disagree. Besides quarantine baking, dancing, and lip-syncing, TikTok is also a platform to showcase multiple talents, including fitness and healthy lifestyles. This unique trait of TikTok has presented itself as an enormous marketing opportunity for brands such as Nike and Gymshark.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a strong interest in the health and wellness industry. Worldwide Google search traffic has shown that within the month of March keywords such as “home workout” and “kettlebell” have tripled and doubled, respectively. This data is backed by Nike’s 69% increase in sales in the US in Q1 and a sales increase of 70% on activewear between mid-May to mid-April. This comes at conveniently the same time as the growth of users and spending on TikTok, which recently crossed the 2 billion downloads milestone

Fitness and lifestyle brands should be able to take advantage of this opportunity as only a slew of brands such as Nike and Puma have launched their very own TikTok official accounts. While other top-shelf brands such as Lululemon and Adidas have yet to jump on the wagon. Lululemon itself has amassed 229.5 million views organically as users tagged their videos #lululemon, while Adidas has only launched a campaign that’s exclusively targeted to Chinese audiences via Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, and garnered 267K contributions.

This serves as an opportunity for emerging or smaller brands to step in and carve out their own audience niche before competition heats up. The UK’s fitness clothing brand, Gymshark, seized this opportunity early by launching an influencer-powered campaign, 66 Days | Change your life or #gymshark66. As of today, Gymshark’s official account is followed by 1.8 million users, while the global lifestyle giant, Nike, falls short with 1 million followers.

As the story goes with many successful brands, TikTok also gives an opportunity to remix original songs to integrate with campaigns. Although it’s not a direct parallel to brands like Elf Cosmetics, Skechers have been the lucky brand to leverage from this opportunity. The Californian brand received 1 billion streams worth of traction from videos made with a song titled “Skechers”, by Indian rapper DripReport.

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