Fans want Jake Gyllenhaal Instagram post to feature in Spider-Man end credits

By Yahoo Finance  | Jul 03, 2019 08:40 (edited)

Jake Gyllenhaal pose during a photocall for their latest film 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' at the Tower of London, backdropped by London's Tower Bridge, in London on June 17, 2019. (Photo by ISABEL INFANTES/AFP/Getty Images)

Jake Gyllenhaal might be a relative newcomer to Instagram, but since joining at the end of last year he’s created some hilarious posts for his followers.

His latest one – featuring his character Mysterio from Spider-Man: Far From Home – has got his fans crying out for it to be added to the film’s end credits.

Entitled “Post Spider-Man premiere blues”, the video has the actor a globe-shaped helmet on his head, similar to the one his character wears in the comic books, pouring a beer and trying to eat fish and chips.

Since being posted, it’s already wracked up over 1 million views and over 4,000 comments. One said, “If this isn't a bonus feature on the Blu-ray, then Sony and Marvel have failed the people.”With another simply stating, “Spider-man far from home: deleted scenes.”

Gyllenhaal has been in London promoting the release of the latest Marvel movie alongside co-star Tom Holland. The choice of beer and fish and chips is a nod to his UK location during filming.

It isn’t the first time, the actor has taken to Instagram in the distinctive bowling ball-like headpiece. Back in May, he posted himself wearing it, eating again, this time more successfully as half his plate was empty.

That time, his caption read, “Felt cute, might delete later.”

In fact his very first Instagram post was Marvel related. It referenced the fact he had joined the franchise to play the next Spider-Man villain. In the short video he is reading an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, emblazoned with the title “The Return of the Man Called Mysterio”.

Gyllenhaal’s comedic reaction to the comic accompanies the caption, “I just realized I’m not playing Spider-Man.”

Gyllenhaal explained why he was slow to join social media back in 2017 while on Conan. “I’m a luddite, I’m a kind of drag and drop kind of guy.”

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