Don’t Buy TikTok Followers, and 7 Ways to Grow Organically

By Bradian Muliadi  | Mar 30, 2020 03:44 (edited)

Since TikTok’s meteoric rise to popularity among personal and business users, there has been a growing sense of FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out”) to gain large follower counts as quickly as possible before competition for views and engagements heats up.  Naturally, this creates an incentive for some players to take “shortcuts” by buying followers. We strongly suggest not to do this, because you can run but you can’t hide (especially from social analytics tools like, and nothing can beat the loyalty of genuine followers engaged with authentic content, which translates into tangible business results.

A quick search on Google’s Play Store would show that there are over fifty applications that help you buy bots or poor-quality followers, and today we share with you seven ways to avoid resist the temptation of this detrimental “shortcut” and build your TikTok presence the right way:

1. Upload TikTok videos regularly

If you don't upload regularly, how are other users going to discover your TikTok Profile? Uploading regularly also boosts your chances of TikTok’s machine learning algorithm detecting your Profile and pushing your content up other users’ social feed.  Set reminders or create post schedules to maintain social media discipline to keep your TikTok Profile active.

2. Create authentic (unpolished) videos

TikTok is unique in that its videos have an amateur and BTS (behind-the-scenes) feel, but yet it provides quality entertainment and is in fact very refreshing.  Be true to yourself (or your brand) and don’t over-produce on TikTok, this way you stand out more and increase your chances of gaining genuinely loyal followers.

3. Keep up with trending music

TikTok is fueled by trending music. Keep up to date and stay in tune with your digital-savvy followers by consistently creating videos based on top music charts. Millennials and Gen Z typically have shorter attention spans compared to older generations, so they prefer consuming the most recent trends and get bored of outgoing trends fast.

4. Analyze what others are doing

Before you begin making your videos, you ought to analyze the For You Page on TikTok. Some of these videos generate above-average engagements.  You may wonder what makes these videos great? Perhaps it's the skill or the character of the
user, or perhaps the content theme. Observe what works and what doesn’t from other viral Tiktokers.

5. Follow Hashtags and Trends

TikTok is powered by unrivalled machine learning algorithms, and so TikTok knows best in terms of what content is trending and what users are craving.  Keep up to date with hashtag challenges and trends that TikTok suggests to you.

6. Increase Followers by Following Others 

Get more attention by also giving attention to others.  Following others prompts other users to open and browse your profile.  So also make sure that your TikTok Profile is complete with a profiles picture, a full bio, and a feed full of TikTok videos (because you followed Tip #1 and upload videos regularly)

7. Post your TikTok username or link on other social media

Build cross-platform synergy by posting a link to your TikTok profile on all other social media, messaging, and media assets that you have. To go the extra mile, don’t forget to also announce your TikTok Profile presence on other platforms and ask your followers there to follow you on TikTok.

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