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You Must be Wondering What Clubhouse is? What Made It so Popular These Days?

Enter The Various Rooms to Listen and Join The Discussion

Don't Forget to Follow Other People and Topics That You Like

Weaknesses of Clubhouse That You Should Know

Do you know Clubhouse? There are many famous artists and figures in it. Everyone can chat on various topics here. Now, the platform is so popular on various social media that it has reaped over 2 million installs in just a month of February. Welcome to Clubhouse!

If you are an active person on Instagram and Twitter, if you are an Instagram influencer or TikTok influencer, you must have heard a lot of people talking about Clubhouse lately. The application, which was launched in March 2020, suddenly went viral because it was said to be a new social media that was different from the others.

You Must be Wondering What Clubhouse is? What Made It so Popular These Days?

The clubhouse is a social media application that allows us to chat and discuss live and be heard by other users. It is only based on audio-chat, there are no images like Instagram, status like Twitter, or videos like TikTok. In short, Clubhouse looks like LinkedIn and Quora in audio. In this application, there is a virtual room that you can enter freely. You can listen to professionals talk about a specific topic and also join in the discussion.

Not only that, if you want to be more active, you can also create your own room to discuss other topics. Later, interested users will join you. Meanwhile, you can only join when you get an invitation from a friend. 

Clubhouse is currently only available on the App Store, meaning that only iOS device users can register in it. But how do you join this social media? For now, you must get an invitation from a friend who has joined to become a Clubhouse user. Even one person can only send invitations to two friends. Why is it so limited? To Insider, Clubhouse CEO Paul Davidson said that they are still in the development stage so that their users are limited. But they will slowly open access to everyone, including Android users.

Enter The Various Rooms to Listen and Join The Discussion

When you open this application, you will be presented with a list of rooms that you can enter. Also listed are the users who are currently joining it.

Interestingly, Clubhouse rooms are usually made by experts, artists, public figures, and people who are professionals in their respective fields. This is where the app appeal. You can get a lot of new knowledge from many people.

To engage in conversation, just click on the room you want. After that, you can listen to the ongoing discussion. Relax, your microphone is automatically muted. You can listen to the talk there like podcasts and TED Talk but live.

Don't Forget to Follow Other People and Topics That You Like

When using Clubhouse, don't forget to follow other people. Starting from your friends, profiles of public figures, to people whose profession matches your interests. From here you can develop relationships, you know.

Your opportunity to build connections with professionals is also wide open at Clubhouse. Because many company CEOs, artists, researchers, and experts are members of it. Moreover, its users are spread across various countries.

You are also advised to explore topics that you like. The range is wide and varied. Starting from the arts, world affairs, languages, sports, technology, science, religion, general knowledge, wellness, to entertainment. Within this topic, there are many clubs that you can follow. By doing this, you will get a room that is more relevant to your interests. There are several advantages that Clubhouse has over other social media. This is what makes the application so popular today. The following include:

  • Linger on this social media will not waste your time because you can get a lot of new knowledge from it;
  • You can listen to discussions on a wide variety of topics live, openly and for free;
  • It is a new place to build relationships with other people, especially in a professional context;
  • No need to be afraid of being trapped in an awkward moment because Clubhouse is not video based like Zoom;
  • You can "jump" from room to room without getting caught;
  • There are many well-known figures who join the Clubhouse. This will broaden your horizons and connections.

Weaknesses of Clubhouse That You Should Know

Although it has many advantages, Clubhouse also has a number of weaknesses. The following include:

For now, Clubhouse is not yet open to Android users; To be able to join in it requires a complicated process. Users must get an invite first, even though not everyone has acquaintances at the Clubhouse;

Because it is new and different from other social media, users must take the time to learn it in order to understand the Clubhouse system; Because conversations are conducted live, it is difficult to anticipate the potential for cyberbullying, hate speech, the spread of hoaxes, and so on. For the last point, Clubhouse did get criticism about this. A number of women reported that they were subjected to hate speech, misogynism, and bullying when speaking in the room.

The Clubhouse admitted that this was against the Community Guidelines. This application then allows users to report people who do things above. Those are the things you need to know about the Clubhouse. Are you interested in joining as a user?

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