Animal influencers earning big on social media

By  | Sep 10, 2019 10:05

Dogs are fast becoming a marketers best friend with the growing industry of animal influencers earning thousands of dollars for posts on social media.

Marketing and advertising executives say dogs are “scroll stoppers” meaning they break a person’s attention when they are mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Power Pets General Manager Karan White said the industry is booming in Australia.

“Influencer marketing has moved into the pet space, and companies are using pets to tell their story. For most people it is very difficult to scroll past a picture or a video of a dog and not feel positive about it,” she said.

“The influencing market was initially highly concentrated to the beauty and fashion space. We saw fabulous looking girls with fantastic make up — this is not very relatable to most people.”

“People can relate to dogs, not many people have a bad relationship with a dog.”

Influencer dogs in Australia can earn between $300 and $4,500 for an individual Instagram or Facebook post, while if they take part in a campaign they can expect to be paid $10,000.

Most owners of the dogs signed by Power Pets work full time and started posting pictures of their dogs on social media for fun.

But it can be a major side-hustle, with a former client of Ms White earning $80k while still maintaining a full time job.

Sydney dog mum Hazal Alkac said she started an Instagram page for her Australian cattle dog Cashew at her husband’s insistence with the pooch having now earnt thousands of dollars.

“It was funny as I work in social media and marketing and my husband was the one who wanted to start a page for Cashew,” she said.

“The whole process has been very natural we have kept things as natural as possible and stay associated with brands and products we like.”

Hazal Alkac started the page which she says is “very natural.” Picture: Justin Lloyd
Hazal Alkac started the page which she says is “very natural.” Picture: Justin Lloyd

Ms Alkac juggles her full time job alongside Cashew’s mum-agerial role and understand why some owners would need agents.

“We have had a lot of branding and gifting for Cashew, he was found by a large pet company from Instagram and put him on the front page of their magazine — and paid him $800,” she said.

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