vs Iconosquare: the Battle of Instagram Analytics Tools

By Bradian Muliadi  | Mar 03, 2020 08:43

To help the Brands and Agencies understand their target audiences better, there are several Instagram Analytic Tools out there such as, Iconosquare, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite, that provide rich analytics and insights, but which one is the right one for you? In this article we take a deep-dive to compare the two social analytics that focus more on Instagram versus other social channels: and Iconosquare.

1. - Instagram & TikTok Analytics is an Instagram Analytic Tool that provides social analytics and insights on Instagram Profiles, Hashtags, and even Followers. Besides Instagram, recently also expanded to include TikTok Analytics, which would soon be crucial since TikTok is the fastest-growing social media channel in history, and its adoption rate is accelerating among businesses worldwide. is used by many types of businesses, from Brands to Agencies, Influencers, Media Publishers, even Freelancers and Solopreneurs from around the globe, with paid customers in 49+ countries. Its most common uses-cases include Campaign Reporting, Demographics and Authenticity Follower checks, Competitive Analysis, Tagged Relationships, Influencer Mapping, Content Analysis, and many more!

What truly sets apart is not only the depth of social insights that you can get from any public Instagram Profile, Hashtag, or Followers, but moreover, also the fact that you can analyze  as many Profiles and Hashtags as you want. Making its monthly or annual subscription arguably one of the best bargains for any business that needs social media empowerment through social analytics and insights.  Most other social tools limit the number of Profiles and Hashtags users can search.

2. Iconosquare

Just like how works, Iconosquare offers significant proposals to make marketers work quicker and simpler. The information put together proposals concerning the modified substance, distributing calendars, and post-advancement systems help advertisers to make significant and customized encounters for their intended interest groups. The arrangement offers adjustable reports and dashboards that advertisers can use to follow their exhibition on Instagram and Facebook utilizing one interface.

However, there are several striking differences between and Iconosquare. The most obvious one is its payment structure, whereby although Iconosquare seems cheaper with a starting price of $39 per month, it only lets you analyze 3 profiles per month.

This cost is the expense for the Pro bundle of Iconosquare, which can get to 3 profiles that can be analyzed with 2 team members. If you want to add more profile, team members, you will be charged $19 per profile and $15 per profile. Not to mention, you only get 3 hashtag per profile. While the expenses applied by are slightly higher, you can search unlimited Instagram & TikTok Profiles or Hashtags.


Comparison table of vs Iconosquare


3. Conclusion provides industry-leading social analytics and insights for many different use-cases, and provides unlimited searches that makes its subscription plans a great bargain, whereas although Iconosquare provides analytics and insights, it limits users to only a few searches per month unless users upgrade. Iconosquare also seems to focus more on post management and scheduling instead of analytics.

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