Instagram Analytics Tools for The Data Savvy

By Bradian Muliadi  | Feb 06, 2020 08:18

Whether you are a digital marketer, business owner, or influencer, you will need remarkable content and an integrated strategy to promote your product or brand. Like every strategy, the marketing strategy should be backed up by data.

Especially for Instagram marketing, you will need factual, real-time data to determine several things like when you should post your content? What are your audiences’ preferences? And for the most crucial question: why is your competitor doing so much better? Those questions can be easily answered by Instagram analytics.

While there are numerous Instagram analytics in the market, most of them only offer superficial data, which might be good enough for instant use or overviewing your account performance in general. But in some cast, digital marketers would need more specific, in-depth data to tailor nearly perfect strategy, considering millions are at stake.

Well, good news for you, comes with a great deal between price and values. When the majority of Instagram analytics tools focus on simplicity and easiness, shows up with a different concept, offering more comprehensive and accurate data compared with its peers. If it is your cup of tea, then let us dig more about their features.

Pricing: Free or Paid offers four different programs :

1) Basic (Free)

The basic plan for is free, and it is not “try for free” kind of plan, but literally free for as long as you use it. In this plan, you can only exploit limited data of Instagram profiles for their recent 12 posts.

The Data

Followers, following, engagement rates, like rates, comment rates, total posts, most used caption words, and most used hashtags.

2) Premium ($ 69/month or $ 59.35/month for a yearly plan)

The Data

All Profiles & Hashtags features (including export to PDF). The full features will be explained later on in this article.

3) Plus ($ 149/month or $ 109.55/month for a yearly plan)

The Data

All Profiles & Hashtags features (including export to PDF and CSV), All Follower Analytics features (limited to 10 profiles/month).

4) Pro ($ 239/month or $ 199.35/month for a yearly plan)

The Data

All Profiles & Hashtags features (including export to PDF and CSV), All Follower Analytics features (limited to 25 profiles/month).

Features and Details

Unlike other Instagram analytics tools, offers several kinds of services, that is Profile Analytics, Follower Analytics, and Hashtag Analytics. To use each service you just need to type the profile or hashtag in the searching box, then the results will be shown in a split second.

1) Profile Analytics

Like the name, this service is used to analyze Instagram profiles of your own business, your competitors or influencers that you might interest to collaborate with. In this analytics, you will get full reports about their posts, engagements, and much more.

- Engagement Rate, Like Rate, and Comment Rate

Since 2018, Instagram has changed its algorithm regarding the order of Instagram Feeds. Post with better engagement will rank higher in the feeds. That means, if you want your post at the top of users’ feeds, you should optimize the engagement of each post. That is where Instagram analytic comes from, to provide the necessary data for engagement optimization

In the first look of analytics, you will get the average engagement rate, like rate, and comment rate. Here, you can also catch a glimpse of general information like followers and the following numbers of an Instagram account.

While we know 10.04 % is considered a high engagement rate, we cannot really do anything more with that information. In addition, also provides average engagement, likes, and comments (per post) in a graphic. The graphic is quite interactive as you can zoom in to the specific region and see the hard numbers of likes and comments each day. With this graphic, you can easily notice the performance of each post and optimizing the underperforming post.

But after you are analyzing it, how could you determine which one is going wrong: the content or the post time? Well, has guessed your worries and provides total engagement and average engagement rates for each day. If you use it the right way with Instagram analytics, it will be easier to find your (Instagram account) shortcoming and fix it.

- Posting Activity and Audience Engagement

This section might be the most important information for social media specialist and nearly all of Instagram analytics include this feature for their tools. The posting activity analytic will show your post times (including the frequency, time, and day when you post).

In addition, audience engagement has similar parameters and tells you when the audience most engaged with your content. Frequency is symbolized with purple color. Darker color means higher activity. By knowing when is your audience most active, you can easily plan for your future marketing strategy.

-Total Posts allows you to see the total posts of Instagram profiles in two different ways. The first one is total posts in a specific period (breakdown for each date) and the second one is total posts in a weekday (breakdown for each day from Monday to Sunday). This data will be really meaningful if you also add the engagement data from the previous section.

- Location Tagged

This information is kind of special as not many Instagram analytics tools provide it. Location tagging is one of the most significant features of Instagram. From a marketing perspective, Instagram Geotag is believed to increase local follower engagement. provides a brief list of your previous Instagram Geotags.

- Caption Words and Hashtags Most Used

When you are not sure what is the best hashtag for your post, you can learn from your competitors. While most used caption words can’t be used directly for your strategy, it might become some inspiration for your own caption.

- Tags and Mentions

When it is your own account, you might want to track who has mentioned or tagged you if by chance you have missed out someone. On the other hand, this feature is also really important to know who has tagged or mentioned your competitors which might lead to potential collaboration with your brand.

- Highest Engagement, Most Liked, and Most Comment

Obviously, this section is a must for the Instagram analytics tool. There may be a post with superior performances compared to your other posts. When it happens, it is important to analyze what type of post is it and plan your future posts based on those data.

Besides the highest engagement posts, also provides the most liked and most commented posts. It makes sense when those two parameters do not always correspond with each other.

2) Follower Analytics

In addition to profile analytics, also offers follower analytics feature which includes follower demographics (age, gender, and location by country) and follower authenticity. Follower Demographics are important to know your target audience, so you can plan for more suitable content. Meanwhile, follower authenticity can prevent you from getting defrauded. Since influencer marketing fraud happens more constantly, companies become more cautious, and Instagram analytics tools try to offer the basic solution.

3) Hashtag Analytics

In general, hashtag analytics has similar features with profile analytics (audience engagement, posting activity, location-tagged, total posts, etc), but there is some additional information, such as :

- Audience

In this section, you can see how many the contributors (people who post with this hashtag), follower reach (unique account who has seen posts with this hashtag), and follower impressions (how many posts with this hashtag has been seen by users, doesn’t have to be unique account).

Total follower reach is also shown in the interactive graphic (specific date vs total reach) and bar chart (total reach in weekday, breakdown to each day from Monday to Sunday).

- Participations

In this section, summarizes total contributors and contributors with specific numbers of posts (i.e. more than 11 posts, 6–10 posts, and 1–5 posts). Then again, this feature is kind of unique as not many Instagram analytics tools present it.

- Influencers

If you’re interested to work together with influencers for your marketing strategy, this section will be a gold mine. It can identify potential influencers with a specific hashtag and their overall performances.

The Excellence points, What Makes Different from Other Instagram Analytics

1. Unlimited Profiles and Hashtags Analysis

All of plans can be used for analyzing unlimited profiles & hashtags, as much as you want. While most Instagram Analytics Tools usually confine the number of profiles or hashtags that you can analyze, and you need to pay more if you want to see more reports.

2. Breakdown breakdown the general data to more specific data for better perception. For example, besides showing engagement rate, also provides like rate and comment rate.

3. Additional Data

Rather than going with the flow, keeps innovating and try to provide more accurate data and analytics for the users. Take the “caption words most used” data, for instance. It is rarely presented in Instagram analytic, yet it can become invaluable information. In addition, they also plan to launch TikTok Analytics in the near future.

The Drawbacks, It May Be Confusing for The Beginner indeed provides elaborate data, but great data will be useless without adequate analytical skills. As only provides heaps of resources, not solutions, it will take high dedication and capability to turn this raw diamond into the brilliant gem.


From what offers, $ 69/month for complete analysis into Instagram account performance, it has raised the bar for other Instagram analytics tools. While analyzing their data won’t be simple, the results will be worth it. still has many rooms for improving, but you can expect much more, considering they keep developing their services to meet users’ needs.



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