9 TikTok Influencers You Need to Follow to Get Started

By Bradian Muliadi  | Apr 13, 2020 06:17

Why reinvent the wheel figuring out how to do influencer marketing on TikTok? The best way to get up to speed with TikTok and its fast-growing influencer marketing ecosystem is by following the top influencers to get your thumb on the pulse of trending social content, and the TikTok stars creating them.  From teenagers to adults, and from celebrities to next-door neighbors, Analisa.io has compiled a list of TikTok influencers that every Brand or Agency marketer should follow to get holistically acquainted with the next big social media phenomenon:

1. Loren Gray (@lorengray)

2. Baby Ariel (@babyariel)

3. Leticia Gomez (@leticiafgomez)

4. Zach King (@zachking)

5. Lani Randol (@baker)

6. Lauren Godwin (@laurengodwin)

7. Jason Coffee (@jasoncoffee)

8. Lucas and Marcus (@dobretwins)

9. Annie LeBlanc (@annieleblanc)

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