6 Ultimate Tips to get more Real Followers on Instagram

By Mobigyaan.com  | Sep 03, 2019 09:09 (edited)

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps out there and thanks to the brands people with more followers now get paid on Instagram for collaborations and stuff. In the previous years, Instagram did a lot of changes to their algorithm and that has stopped the growth of a lot of people. People are getting low page reach and no matter how hard they work they still aren’t able to grow. So to overcome that, we have come with 6 ultimate tips to get more followers on Instagram. Read on!

1. Create a Great Bio and have a Good Profile Picture

Whenever someone discovers your profile the first thing they see is your Bio and the Profile picture you are using. Have a profile picture which shows your face, never use mirror selfies, Get a vector art done and use it as your profile picture. Keep something with an aesthetic filter or any picture of you which looks the best. Make sure you set it in a way that it’s visible in that small circular profile picture format of Instagram.

A good bio is a must for your profile. Use Hashtags in your Bio, Write your Instagram Page category next to your name. You can add a quote that describes you the best or you can simply go with your basic info. Write your age, write what you do, write why are you on Instagram and make sure you have your Email Address on your profile so if someone wants to reach you for collaborations he or she gets the right place to contact you.

@danaberez on Instagram

What else after a good bio?

Once the bio is done the next thing that comes in, is setting up your Highlights. Let people know who are you, what have you done by creating an amazing highlights section. Group your Highlights into different categories.

Make a section for your other Social Media Handles, Make a section for the activities you do, Make a section for the places you’ve traveled, Make a section for your favourite quotes, Make a section for Music and Movies so whenever you post an update for the movie you are watching or the song you are listening, you can add them in that highlight section and people with a similar taste in music or movies will definitely follow you.

@overrated_outcast and @shetroublemaker on Instagram


2. Have your own Instagram style.

@abhiandnow on Instagram

Having your own unique style becomes important when you are on Instagram. Every time you upload your image make sure it’s color tones match with your previous upload. For example, if you are using Teal, Orange, and Blue as primary color tones in your profile upload 3 pictures that have the Teal and Orange color tones in a row and once that gets over upload 3 pictures with the blue tones. So once they are uploaded they look good when a user opens your profile.

Instagram creates a new row after 3 pictures are uploaded so if you are using a landscape image when the row gets started, make sure the other two uploads are also landscape images and you start with portrait images once that row gets over.

3. Set your Target Audience

@MobiGyaan on Instagram

Ask yourself the question which type of Audience do you want on your Instagram page. Ask yourself Who are you? For whom will you create your content? You can use Instagram Analytics to see what age group follows you the most. If the age group is between 18-25 think what would they like to see on your page?

Create Instagram polls and get to know what your audience wants to see from you. Once you know what your audience likes, create content on that basis and that will help you to grow more.

4. Post Regularly and Engage your Audience

@sadak_chap on Instagram

Posting one picture in a week or a month won’t help you to grow your account. If you want to get more followers, make sure you post regularly on Instagram. Use Instagram Analytics tool and see at what timeis your audience most active, post your picture at that time and post at least 4 days a week to keep your account growing.

The Importance of Engaging your Audience

Engaging your audience becomes important when you are posting on Instagram. Write your captions related to the picture, tell your experiences and ask them questions related to that topic or the picture you are posting.

You can add your new post to your stories and ask your audience to check that out. If your followers start commenting on your picture by answering the questions you ask your post reach will Increase automatically as well as the users who comment will surely get your next uploads on their Instagram feed. Hence, Engaging your Instagram Audience becomes important.

5. Use Hashtags in Your Captions

@MobiGyaan on Instagram

Instagram allows up to 30 Hashtags per image and using hashtags becomes really important to grow on Instagram. Whenever a user clicks on a Hashtag he or she gets a list of all the posts tagged with it. Hence, whenever you post a picture make sure you add Hashtags related to it. If someone finds your picture in the hashtag he may open your profile and even follow you if he likes your content.

There are many Apps that you can find on the Google Play Store and App Store which allow you to manage your custom hashtags and even have the most popular hashtags divided by categories. So you can use them to get relevant hashtags for your pictures.

Not only hashtags, but you can also add a location to your posts to get more audience.

6. Host Giveaways on your Page to grow more

@fabletics on Instagram

Nowadays, people have stopped spending money on Instagram advertisements and instead they host giveaways on their page which helps them to grow more.

Whenever you host a giveaway, you can make rules and ask your audience to follow you to enter the giveaway. You can also get your post reposted which will give you more reach and eventually you’ll grow your page.

That’s all for this article. Make sure you keep these things in mind next time you are using Instagram. Meanwhile, you can go and check out MobiGyaan on Instagram by clicking here.

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