5 Unexpected Ways TikTok can Empower your Brand

By Bradian Muliadi  | Mar 19, 2020 10:46 (edited)

Social media is most commonly regarded as a push-factor platform for brands to distribute branding and marketing messages, however if fully utilized holistically, it is also the perfect pull-factor channel for brands to have a finger on the pulse of the market and understand industry trends or user behavior. Both factors are equally important in building your brand, and this article intends to share with you five unexpected ways you can benefit from both push-and-pull factors through the rising social media superstar, TikTok:

1. Collect posts from users

On TikTok, brands are frequently mentioned, tagged, or commented on by the highly-vocal Millennial and Gen-Z crowd.  These shoutouts are a good way to gauge positive and negative user sentiment on your (or your competitors’) brand. Such unfiltered insights can be gathered over time, tracked systematically, and provide you with inspiration for marketing strategies, or even guide future product developments based on direct user feedback.

2. Identify Trending Topics & Hashtags, Early

When something is on the verge of becoming viral, it spreads and accelerates fast on multiple-channels, but especially so on TikTok.  As many active social media users probably already know, there are many videos that go viral on TikTok and eventually get shared on Instagram with the TikTok watermark.  So be one step ahead of the game by identifying that viral video on TikTok and hop on the trend early before it spreads like wildfire. You can do so by simply tracking the Topics or Hashtags section on TikTok Search.

3. Market Insights on Existing and Potential Customers

Searching relevant hashtags to your brand can help you identify and track potential customers based on common interests, brand affinity, or geography.  This is valuable information for you to build a focused targeting strategy to reach your target customers and maximize sales conversion rates.

4. Influencer Marketing, especially since it is still a blue ocean

Although TikTok's marketing ecosystem is still nascent, brands are starting to find footing in the influencer marketing segment and capitalizing on it early on before influencer marketing prices start to rise.  With Analisa.io’s global presence, Brands and Agencies who have interacted with our team have frequently expressed how TikTok influencer rate cards are still relatively cheap compared to those on Instagram because it is less saturated, and hence resulting in higher Return On Investments (ROI) for marketing spend.

5. Competitive Analysis

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Track your competitors’ TikTok content strategy, as well as the Topics and Hashtags they participate in. Then either compete directly with them or carve out your own social media niche on TikTok based on your brand’s differentiation from your competitors.


How are you collecting actionable insights on TikTok? 

You can either do the above manually, or speed up the process and uncover deeper insights by using social analytics tools like Analisa.io.  For free, you can enter any public TikTok Profile or TikTok Hashtag on Analisa.io, and get free Basic Analytics. Or upgrade anytime if you need to unlock the full features of Analisa.io’s Advanced Analytics

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