5 Tips to Make Your Affiliate Landing Page Convert

By Analisa.io  | Aug 16, 2021 07:19

What are the important elements in an affiliate landing page?

There are several factors why your affiliate landing page doesn’t convert. First impressions matter. A great content is crucial when running an affiliate marketing campaign.

The goal of an affiliate landing page is to grab your audience’s attention and make them act such as joining your affiliate program. Hence, make sure you develop and design your website and landing page from the best website development company.

When you fail to impress your audience, you tend to gain low conversion.

A great landing page can boost your conversion, and help you to increase your position in Google Search.

Creating an affiliate landing page that converts is not rocket-science, but you need to practice more.

After reading this article, you will understand how to increase conversion by making a great affiliate landing page. Learn more below!

What Are the Important Elements in an Affiliate Landing Page?

A great affiliate landing page can boost your organic traffic and also conversion. So, what are the elements needed to create a great affiliate landing page?

A Killer Headline

When your audience visits your affiliate landing page, your headline must grab their attention in 5 seconds. Try to use action words to evoke your visitors’ emotion. Make them curious.

An attention-grabbing headline must be short and concise, and provide information about the benefit of your affiliate program.

A/B testing is useful to find the most effective headline for your landing page.

An Attractive Image

A good image is highly important to get a good first impression. A well combined web copy and a good image will lead to high conversion.

If you don’t know how to code, don’t worry. You can create your own great affiliate landing page using a website builder. You can customize your landing page simply by dragging and dropping the image.

Here are the top three landing page builders that you can choose:


It offers an intuitive landing page builder, and is trusted by more than 15,000 brands and big companies.

It offers stunning landing pages. They also provide free trial and real-time tracking to gauge the performance of your landing pages.


You can access it for free, but you need to pay for pro features. Its intuitive and powerful tool helps you to build your landing page in a short time.


A Clear CTA (Call to Action) That Prompts People To Click

After having a good copy and awesome landing page, the next step is to create a clear CTA (Call to Action) that prompts your readers to click.

Make sure that the CTA is short, concise, and inspired your visitors to respond.

Also, put the CTA in the best location where your visitors can easily read and click it. You can use striking colors or buttons to grab their attention.

Omit the "click here" or "subscribe" word. Use specific words such as "Show me my page" instead.

Find the Secret Sauce With Your Copy

After successfully getting the first impression with a killer headline, you have to write a web copy.

The right copy is not only a description. It has to be compelling and make your audience curious to read until finish.

Don’t write too short, as you need to convey your points. You can write compelling storytelling that stirs your readers’ emotions.

Showcase Your Best Visual

Do you have a great product video? You can use your product or service video on your affiliate landing page.

People prefer visual content over written content. Based on Hubspot, almost 100% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. That’s why creating great content for your affiliate marketing is vital.

You can explain the benefits of your affiliate program along with the products or services that you offer on your video. Make sure that it is not too heavy, so your landing page is easier to access.

You can link the video to your Youtube Channel or TikTok and Instagram or you can put the link of your landing page in your TikTok or Instagram bio. These strategies can also help you to increase Tiktok and Instagram engagement.


Creating a great affiliate landing page is no longer a hassle if you follow the steps above. Make sure you have researched your buyer before creating a landing page. If you would like to know more about affiliate programs, you can read this article
featuring the latest Instagram’s native affiliate tool.

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