5 TikTok Marketing Ideas For Beauty Brands

By Bradian Muliadi  | Aug 07, 2020 10:31 (edited)

TikTok’s algorithmic feed has the ability to instantly popularize anyone’s TikTok video that lands on the For You Page. In short, everyone and everything can become viral within an instant match with TikTok’s algorithmically-driven content suggestions. As a result, brands and marketers have been flooding to TikTok in pursuit of explosive fame and instant virality for branding and marketing efforts.  Beauty brands in particular, have found great success on the short-video social platform as TikTok’s content theme of high-energy self-expression among youths strikes a chord with the type of audience that beauty brands pursue.  The format and editing tools of TikTok are also ideal for beauty brands to create authentic content to promote products with tutorials, behind-the-scenes features, user-generated-content (UGC) competitions. Here are five ideas beauty brands can capitalize on TikTok’s popularity and content format to pursue social media success:

1. Influencer Campaigns

Fenty Beauty was one of the first beauty brands to explicitly promote their products on this platform. Following the success of TikTok houses such as the Hype House or UK's Byte House, Fenty soon started Fenty Beauty House. Fenty Beauty had used the platform to create day-to-day contents that often appear on the For You Page and generate organic growth for the name of the brand. While working with TikTok’s famous stars, Fenty Beauty generated more growth and saw an increase in their sales after creating daily content on the platform. 

2. Honest Reviews

Shortly after Fenty, more beauty brands appeared on TikTok and soon generated a significant increase in sales. Beauty brands' sales spiked as much as 426% as their products went viral on the app. This popular example comes from the skincare brand, The Ordinary. Since users post reviews of products on their page, The Ordinary received more recognition for their AHA 30% BHA 2%. It is only one out of many skincare brands that benefit from candid and honest reviews that has become a special trait of TikTok contents. 

3. Tutorials and How-to’s

Beauty brands, influencers, and even general users have taken advantage of this platform to create everything from product reviews to short makeup tutorials. This shows how video content will continue to dominate the beauty industry. But furthermore, the concise and entertaining nature of TikTok beauty videos makes it easier for brands to get discovered. By leveraging on original tracks, filters, and challenges, beauty contents become viral on TikTok. 

4. Brand or Influencer Partnerships

Beauty brands have so many potential partnerships across all of TikTok. The latest partnerships we are seeing are Mophe's special collection with Charli & Dixie D'Amelio and Addison Rae's ITEM Beauty line in partnership with Madeby Collective. TikTok influencers are shown to be just as much, if not more influential than other platforms' beauty influencers. 

5. Hashtag Virality

Hashtags are proven an effective tool across all brands on TikTok. NYX Cosmetics created a viral content with 7 billion views with their #buttergloss content while #Pressonnails made Kiss’ Impress Manicure viral for helping beauty enthusiast’s nails during the quarantine. In sum, TikTok features and strategies have done so much to push beauty brands forward and will do so for the months to come. 

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