5 Successful Brands on Instagram Reels

By Bradian Muliadi  | Aug 13, 2020 11:42

Instagram Reels that was just launched this month is the newest addition to the social media world. Although it has only been launched in 50 countries, global brands are quick to jump on the bandwagon to gain an early mover advantage for social media reach and engagement. These opportunistic tactics by social-savvy brands offer us an early glimpse into how to capitalize on Instagram Reels for our own business and social media objectives  Here are five brands that are seeing early successes on Instagram Reels campaigns:

1. Louis Vuitton 

With the pandemic and the changing demography of social media users, luxury brands are optimizing on social media to maintain their relevance. Louis Vuitton, as a renowned global luxury brand, did just that with Instagram Reels. They took their Cruise collection viewing to the platform by posting cleverly edited pictures of their models in the collection. They are considered to be the most viral brand on Reels to date as their videos have reached 5 million views on average. Their discovery on the Explore page has been largely influential to this massive growth.

2. Sephora France 

In many platforms, beauty content takes the lead in forming communities and trends. As Reels was launched, beauty brands are seeing an opportunity they couldn’t miss. Sephora France, a beauty store with a worldwide presence, utilized their Instagram Reels to show make-up tutorials, fun videos, and interact with users through the comment section as well as by posting user-generated content. Today, each of Sephora France’s Reel has reached at least 300 thousand views.

3. Redbull France 

Redbull has a popularly large Instagram presence that they take advantage of in growing their Reels. But most importantly, Redbull France has been strategically choosing and formatting their content to the likings of video viewers. Their content features adrenaline-inducing footage that keeps people watching. This is a popular way to get people to complete and review your video content. Today, Redbull France's most popular Reels clocks 2 million views. 

4. FastAndFood 

FastandFood was quick to recognize another successful social media trope: the food lovers. They feature "satisfying" short clips of food from various restaurants. High quality videos and informative content become their key to their high number of views. They also add strategic hashtags to add to every post and promote it on their Story. 

5. Balmain

Balmain is yet another viral luxury brand on Instagram Reels. For most parts, they simply repurpose their TikTok content on the new platform. However, jumping on the Reels wagon does give them the advantage to stay ahead of other brands. Not to mention, the brand adds a more playful flavor to its Reels posts compared to their usual Instagram posts.

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