5 Steps to Boost Your Instagram Engagement

By Analisa.io  | Oct 29, 2021 12:41 (edited)

The Six Ranking Signals of Instagram Algorithm

5 Steps to to Boost Your Instagram Engagement

The most updated Instagram algorithm was introduced to showcase the best and most relevant content to each user every time they check their Instagram feed. The Instagram algorithm in 2021 controls which content gets pushed to the top of user feeds. If you fail to understand the Instagram algorithm, it will most likely be that your post will get low visibility. However, you do not have to worry. Using these few steps, you can beat the Instagram algorithm and then boost your Instagram engagement.

The Six Ranking Signals of Instagram Algorithm

Before you try to outsmart Instagram algorithms, the first thing you need to know is how the Instagram algorithm works. There are mainly six Instagram algorithm ranking signals that you need to know.

1. Interests

Instagram is considering its users' behaviors and interest to show the users content that they will highly interact with. For example, if a user spends time to view, comment, like, or even share to other users on travel related posts, Instagram will present similar content to their feed.


The 2021 Instagram algorithm is prioritizing content from accounts that its users' have interacted with the most to deliver it in their feeds. It can detect interaction among users to understand which specific content the users constantly like and comment.

3. Frequency Of Instagram Use

How often the users' use Instagram will determine what the top posts in your feed will be. The users' feed will likely be more chronological if they spend a lot of time using Instagram, because Instagram wants to deliver the best and latest posts. But, if the users open Instagram once daily (short period of time), they will see the posts that Instagram’s algorithm feels are the most relevant for that day.


With a higher frequency of usage, the Instagram algorithm will have more information to deliver relevant content on the users feed. For example, if a user likes short visits on the application, the algorithm ensures it shows the most relevant posts first, whereas, for users who prefer longer browsing sessions, it may provide more content variations on relevant posts.

Following Number

How many people the users follow affects what they see–they may see less content from any one account if they follow a lot of accounts. It all comes back to how often you engage with the accounts that you follow.

6. Timeliness

Instagram wants to show you posts that are recent and, consequently, more relevant.

5 Steps to Boost Your Instagram Engagement 

Based on those ranking signals, there are five great steps that you will get to outsmart Instagram algorithms to boost your Instagram engagement.


1. Keep Posting Consistently

Consistency in posting content on your Instagram page gives your followers something to look forward to. You need to post photos, videos, reels, stories, and IG TV consistently to boost your Instagram engagement. Speaking of Instagram engagement, shares are valuable because it signals to the algorithm that your content is noteworthy and gets you more visibility. Make good content that is valuable enough for your audience to share it with other users.


Try to make different forms of content such as photos, carousels, stories, reels, and IG TV because posting your content in different forms helps you reach a wider range of people thus giving you more visibility which will eventually get you better Instagram engagement.


2. Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy

In order to make your content reach beyond your follower's range who are likely to engage, hashtags are the best way out. Make sure you know your target audience profile before choosing hashtags for your posts. Try to combine your niche and the trending hashtags to excel your results. You must avoid using banned, spammy or wrong hashtags.


3. Post at The Best Time

The easiest way to win with the Instagram algorithm is to post during the best time. Finding out the best time to post to Instagram means looking at your own audience’s habit—when is the exact time they are spending time on Instagram. Posting content that syncs up with when your audience is actually on Instagram will help you hit some of the timeliness and usage frequency ranking factors mentioned above.


4. Increase Your Interaction with Your Audience

To aim for great Instagram engagement—to grow your Instagram account, you need your audience to engage with your content. If you want the Instagram algorithm to place you in your audiences' "close friends" category. To boost your Instagram engagement, you need to reply to comments and DMs from your audience, also if your audience mentioned you, share it on your Instagram stories, Instagram algorithm will notice this as an authentic interaction with your audience.


5. Use Instagram Analytics to Measure Your Success

One of the best ways to know what kind of post that your audience is enjoying and interested in is to dig into your Instagram analytics data. After you do some steps as mentioned above, you need to measure which of your content gets the most engagement. The data that you gathered from Instagram analytics will also help you to understand what to make for your next content.




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