5 Reasons to Use TikTok Analytics

By Analisa.io  | Mar 01, 2022 05:12

Get a Better Understanding of Your Audiences' Preference

Understand Your Competitors in TikTok

Understand Your TikTok Campaign Performance

Improve Your TikTok Engagement

Find Out the Best Time to Post on TikTok

TikTok is a social media app that has gained popularity in the past few years. It is a video-sharing app, which makes it different from other social media platforms. It is not surprising that brands are now turning to
TikTok influencers to promote their products and services.

The importance of TikTok analytics has been established as a result of this shift in marketing strategy. It is the best way to measure how well your content is performing on TikTok and how much engagement it has generated with your audience. 

Get a Better Understanding of Your Audiences' Preference

TikTok analytics give you fully detailed information on your TikTok account's performance. It includes information about your followers. Using TikTok analytics will help you understand which content your followers like or dislike.

To learn about your followers, tap on the Followers tab in TikTok analytics. In this tab, you are not only able to see your audience demographic stats, but also your followers’ interests. 

Here are the details of demographic stats that you can access from your Followers tab:


In this section, you will learn the ratio of your followers by gender. 

Top Territories

This section provides you information on where your followers are from, categorized by country. If you intend to localize content and promotions, keep this information in mind. There are a maximum of five countries listed here.

Follower Activity

This gives you information on the times and days that your followers are most active on TikTok. 

Videos Your Followers Watched

This section helps you to get an understanding of the content that is most liked and watched by your followers. Check this section regularly to discover if it sparks any ideas for your next content.

Sounds Your Followers Listened To

What's trendy on TikTok is often emphasized by audio tracks, finding out the top sounds your followers have listened to.

With the help of TikTok analytics, you can get that information. If you intend to expand your audience and see more action in the Followers tab, try to create content with broader interest.

Understand Your Competitors in TikTok

TikTok is used by people around the world. Since TikTok became popular, many people including influencers, content creators, and business owners are interested in using TikTok as a medium for them to earn money and/or promote their businesses with this platform. 

This opportunity will give a significant role to the influencers. More and more creative users are using TikTok, which means that there is a tight competition among influencers, content creators, or business owners to see who gets the most views, likes, or even fans. Those who use TikTok for their business must know their competitors. By knowing the competitors, they can begin to focus on what works for their content and what does not. This way, TikTok can help its users to hit the specific target market—making it easier to achieve their ultimate goals.

To know what the competitors do and the effect of its content more specifically, you need to use full-featured TikTok analytics to gain data regarding the competitors at TikTok. You can use full-featured TikTok analytics from analisa.io to get completed and detailed data that is significant to expand your business. By using TikTok analytics, you will not only know your competitors but also will get a comparison between your data with every competitor.

Understand Your TikTok Campaign Performance

The first element you should look into when tracking your campaign's performance is the overall campaign outcomes, which include Total Estimated Reach and Average Engagement Rate. Then you can calculate numerous metrics including CPM (Cost Per Mile), CPE (Cost Per Engagement), and CPV (Cost Per View).

The engagement breakdown for TikTok videos is one of the most important metrics to measure campaign performance. To identify which TikTok campaigns are driving more value, brands need to know which TikTok posts have received high engagement rates, and which have not. Moreover, brands will also know whether their campaign strategy is working. This way, brands can prepare better understandings for forthcoming video marketing campaigns. 

Improve Your TikTok Engagement

TikTok analytics give you information on your contents' performance. On the Content section in TikTok analytics, you can analyze the numbers for recent posts to find your Trending Videos. The Video Posts section displays all the videos you’ve posted in the past 7 days, their view numbers, and it can also compare your number of posts to the previous 7 days period.

On the Trending Videos section, it is beneficial for you to understand which of your content is performing best. This section shows the top 9 videos with the rapid growth in view numbers over the past 7 days.

Utilizing these data that you get from TikTok analytics, you can finally identify any trends on your posts: for example, maybe a certain topic you’re posting about is performing well, or perhaps you began a trend that’s earning a lot of engagement. You can stick on your most favorable video or improvise on any part for your next content to get more TikTok engagement.

Find Out the Best Time to Post on TikTok

Your audience will be most likely to interact with your post when they’re active in the app. Understanding that the For You page mainly contains new TikTok posts, you would better be aiming to align your posting schedule with your audience’s activity habits. 

To gain this data, your TikTok analytics are the best reference of data about your account's best times to post on TikTok. The Video Views section in TikTok analytics is a great place to start your search for the best time to post. It gives you a detailed summary of which days were the most active for your content. Evaluate the performance of your recent content and cross-reference views and engagements with posting times. If you find patterns, just keep doing more of what works best.


TikTok analytics can be used to analyze TikTok influencers' performance, and also to see what people are watching on the platform and how they are reacting to videos. The insights from the TikTok analytics help marketers create better content for TikTok influencers, thereby increasing their chances of getting more views and engagements.

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