5 Reasons Why TikTok is A Powerful Tool to Strengthen Your Brand

By Bradian Muliadi  | Nov 28, 2019 10:24
Everyday people are suddenly turning into overnight celebrities by using TikTok. Zero budget, all everybody needs is just a bit of creativity and consistency. If everyday people can promote themselves really well with minimum resources, imagine what a business can achieve if they promote a brand on TikTok. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube have been tapped by too many marketers and it is the time to try another platform that hasn’t been fully utilized yet. That is where TikTok plays its part. Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has reached more than 800 million monthly active users according to the 2019 data from Wallaroomedia.

If it is not enough reason for you to considering TikTok marketing for your strategy, here are more reasons why marketer should promote a brand on TikTok.

1. 15 Second Videos: A Brilliant Concept Provoking Zeigarnik Effect

Other platforms may allow you to record videos with longer lengths. For instance, Instagram gives you up to 1-minute video while Youtube allows you to record as long as you want if you have a verified account.
And how about TikTok? You can only upload a maximum of 15 second videos in TikTok. But, that is the reason why videos in TikTok are so addictive. Users subject themselves to the Zeigarnik effect which makes them feel as if their video watching experiences are not complete, so they watch another video again and again or even repeat the same videos more than once to make sure what really happens in the video.
In addition, TikTok also applies automatic play features, so users can seamlessly move from one video to another one and craving for more content without realizing how much time they have spent.
With this kind of user behavior, promoting a brand on TikTok will be really easy as your content will have a higher chance to get exposure compared to promoting through another platform.

2. Superb Recommendation Algorithm

We know how recommendation algorithms are crucial, especially if you are still in the early phase in promoting on TikTok. What makes TikTok’s algorithm better is how they do not only include recommendations based on your previous interactions and activities, but also popular and trending videos. With this, a brand can spread its wings broader to the audiences outside of their niche.

3. Intimate and Interactive User Experiences

In this day and age, people love when technologies don’t feel like robot, but humans. In this matter, TikTok deserves a big thumb up. First of all, the full-screen vertical viewing makes users feel like they really are inside the video, connecting directly with the video creator.
Not only that, but they also optimize the like button by showing a dancing heart animation when users like a video and putting total likes of an account precisely under the profile picture of a user. Those little details give a great impact on the engagement and creativity as creators are racing to make better content and increase the likes while the users are encouraged to tap the like button.
Well, with this big opportunity in TikTok Marketing, do you still question why it is not the right time for every business to promote a brand on TikTok?

4. Easily Collaborate with Influencers: Creator Marketplace

TikTok is still trying to finding its places in the burgeoning influencer market and keep adding new features to meet the users’ needs. One of their beta features is Creator Marketplace where brands and marketers can easily connect with TikTok influencers. This feature is really helpful as most brands are advertising on TikTok through influencers who product creative content anyway.

5. How to Advertising on TikTok

When it first launched, TikTok did not facilitate advertising features. Brands felt disappointed as the only way to promote a brand on TikTok was by using organic content marketing.
Fortunately, it seems like TikTok is listening and very receptive to market feedback. They recently started to provide four Ad options (Biddable Ads, Hashtag Challenge, Brand Takeover, and Branded Lenses). Those Ads are rather complex and require in-depth reviews, so we will get back to you with that topic in our next article.
Although TikTok is considered an new entrant in the crowded social media space, it clearly has potential to be the dark horse. If you capitalize on its growing potential and utilize the platform earlier than your competitors, you can get unexpected results when you promote a brand on TikTok. So, seize the moment before it is too late!
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