5 Reasons TikTok Analytics is Crucial for Social Media Marketers during Coronavirus

By Bradian Muliadi  | May 18, 2020 10:04

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought challenges and opportunities for social media marketing. Fortunately, even in uncertain times like this, your social media performance can be optimized to thrive, if you design your campaign with surgical data-driven precision.

In this article, we are going to tell you 5 simple but crucial reasons why TikTok analytics can help your brand seize opportunities during this time.

1. TikTok Analytics allows you to target your Relevant TikTok Audience

One of the most important impacts of the Coronavirus on social media is the rising number of users and time spent on the apps. This means a higher chance of reaching a vast audience but at the same time, it creates a challenge on how to find the audience that your brand needs. When it comes to this you need to start from deciding a specific goal as well as a specific audience that is a part of the goal. For example, your goal could be to gain awareness. If that’s the case you might benefit more from exposing yourself through challenges in which the most potential participants would be younger people. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of generating purchases, you might want to grab the attention of older users and the rising number of millennial users. In detail, these are 3 main ways TikTok analytics will help you in terms of audience.

  1. TikTok analytics helps you decide and strategize content for the segment you want to target. It gives you insights to which hashtags and words to use in your captions in accordance with the market you target.
  2. TikTok analytics helps you choose a target audience if you haven’t had one already. The profile analytics feature can be used to analyze competitors’ profiles and choose which audience would likely resonate with you or which market that could but haven’t been tapped into in your industry.
  3. TikTok analytics helps you segment your diverse audience. TikTok has a very large audience for you to choose from. Even more so now that amidst Coronavirus quarantine a significant number of millennials and older audiences hopped onto TikTok, including families, older celebrities, and even elderly. When you’re lucky enough to have garnered followers from more than one type of audience, you might want to segment them so you can target your content or campaign accordingly.

2. TikTok Analytics Enables you to Strategize your TikTok Hashtags

TikTok Hashtags are one of the best and quickest ways to get your content discovered on TikTok. Now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, new hashtags keep coming and submissions for challenges tend to fill up fast due to the free time that people now have. On top of that, TikTok live streams and hosts multiple virtual events from #TikTokProm to charity music shows. What this means for your brand is that you need the ability to keep up with the latest trends while also knowing which of the many trends fits best to your purpose. TikTok analytics helps you with this by showing you data of popular hashtags, including data of their engagement number and its audience. By cross-referencing the number of engagement, submission, and audience, you will be able to narrow down your target even more accurately.

3. Identifying the right TikTok Influencers with TikTok analytics

For brands who are looking to increase awareness during these times, conducting an influencer campaign might be the best way to start. TikTok influencers are not particularly the same as influencers of other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or others. They have a different pool of audience and they interact in a different way with their followers. However, TikTok influencers are not to be overlooked as they are able to secure a massive engagement and loyalty. To learn more about this, look at how quickly campaigns can gain traction with influencers and how impactful it is to popularize music by partnering with TikTok influencers.

Of course, the case is different for every brand and influencer. Therefore, your brand should invest the time to curate the perfect names to represent your brand on TikTok. This means you will have to analyze their engagement and how it grows on a day-to-day basis through a profile analytics tool. But a TikTok analytics tool like Analisa.io can help you more than that, we can also find out which hashtags and even words these influencers have been using to help us determine their relevance to your brand. On the flip side, you can also learn from other brands’ influencer campaigns by analyzing their profile and hashtags to help you emulate their success.

4. Campaign Tracking and Reporting with Tiktok Analytics

It is clear that a campaign couldn’t go without an evaluation and report. You surely will want to know whether your predicted outcome will come to fruition, whether it did not, or whether it went successfully in a different way than you planned. However, a TikTok campaign, especially those with a massive size and those that involve influencers and challenges, can get you caught up in many submissions, different daily engagement levels, and a diverse set of audiences. Even more likely to be so now that TikTok is growing exponentially.

TikTok analytics allows you to get detailed yet diverse sets of data on your campaign progress and outcome. You will learn and be able to evaluate your audience, hashtags, and engagement based on time. TikTok analytics tools like Analisa.io will also help you view and present the data in a visually understandable way and can be downloaded or imported for your convenience. This is a good investment for your budget as well as for your time.


5. Social Media Competitor Analysis with TikTok Analytics

TikTok Profile analytics will not only help you choose the right influencers, but it will also provide insights into your competitors’ TikTok growth. This is important not only to prepare yourself prior to the campaign but also in the long run for your social media strategy. Competitor analyses equip you with the right actionable insights to plan campaigns that outsmart and “brandjack” your competitors’ audiences.  Knowledge is power, and knowing how your competitors navigate social media lets you have a unique angle to beat them.

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