5 Pro Tips to Highlight Your Twitter Business Profile

By Analisa.io  | May 04, 2022 03:54

Make A Great First Impression on Your Twitter Profile

Share Lots of Visual Content

Do Your Hashtag Research to Boost Chances of Being Seen

Engage More Often to Build Relationships with Your Audience

Posting Consistently to Keep Your Account Active

It's important to have a Twitter profile because it makes you more accessible and lets customers know what you're up to. However, many people don't take the time to make their profiles stand out. In this article, we will go over a few tips for how you can improve your profile, increase your Twitter profile engagement, and make it stand out from the rest.

Make A Great First Impression on Your Twitter Profile

The first step you need to take to highlight your business Twitter profile is establishing a great first impression for it. Here's what you have to do to get a good first impression so that audience will follow and connect with you;


The username you selected on Twitter will be used to identify your business Twitter profile. It can contain up to 15 characters. Make sure it shows your business name in an obvious way. If your brand/company name is longer than 15 characters, think about how best to shorten it.

Twitter Profile Picture

A Twitter profile picture is like your digital business card, that is why you should select a photo of your brand/company that visually best represents your business for your Twitter profile picture. You can also use a high-quality version of your logo and use it as your profile image.

Twitter Bio

A great bio for your Twitter profile should perfectly deliver your business’s mission, offerings, and personality in just 160 characters. It should inform your audience about what you do, and shows a little personality. In addition, include relevant keywords like your industry or your product/service offerings so you’ll show up in relevant search results.

Get Your Account Verified 

Verify your Twitter business account to let people know the account is authentic and official. This tiny blue tick will give you credibility—they will trust the content and brand.

Share Lots of Visual Content

Create well-informed content based on data from Twitter analytics to know which kind of content your followers engaged the most. Tweets with visual content earn more shares than those that don’t. Images and video content are much more popular with the new Twitter profile update. The number of images and videos you’ve posted on your profile is now listed on the top with your other metrics such as tweets, following, followers, and favorites. This makes it easier for people who visit your Twitter profile to find the visual content you’ve shared in the past.

Do Your Hashtag Research to Boost Chances of Being Seen

Hashtags are one of the best ways to boost exposure to your tweets and discover potential relevant leads to start engaging with. Without hashtags, your followers would probably be the only ones to see your tweets. Track your hashtag using the Twitter analytics tool and then include the right hashtags in your post to optimize the result.

Hashtags help you to categorize your Tweets, grouping your content with other relevant Twitter content around the same topic. When you’re using hashtags, any user can search for that particular hashtag and as a result, it allows your Tweets to reach a far broader audience. Track the use of hashtags in your Twitter content using hashtag analytics for Twitter to measure the success of your content.

Engage More Often to Build Relationships with Your Audience

To highlight your business Twitter profile, you need to mark your presence on the platform. This can be achieved if you get a good Twitter profile engagement. 

You can increase your Twitter profile engagement by interacting with your audience. To do this, you need to build a close relationship with your audience first. It can be done by acknowledging your audience, responding to their tweets, and several other active interactions with your followers. This is an effective way to interact with your audience, bring readers into the conversations, and understand people's opinions. Tweet an open-ended question or use Twitter Polls to run a survey.

Retweeting relevant content and replying to relevant tweets also helps you to maintain a robust presence. If a user gives positive feedback, retweet it and show your gratitude. If you find an article, or if someone's created a thread of messages that align with your brand, show them some response. These are all the examples of effective content to retweet. Remember your retweets express your brand's image and should align with your business's objectives and values.

Posting Consistently to Keep Your Account Active

To build a strong connection within your community on Twitter, you need to maintain the activity of your account by posting regularly. Because it can turn into disappointment when someone visits your Twitter profile and sees that you haven’t posted in a while.

Therefore, you need to establish and keep consistent with a posting schedule. Nowadays, it's impossible to achieve visibility or credibility with once-in-awhile social media activities. Dedicate your time to a schedule that keeps your business visible. But remember to not do it excessively to avoid being an annoyance to your audience.


Twitter is a social media platform that has become an important part of many businesses. It is a place where you can engage with your followers and create relationships with potential customers. After reading this article, hopefully, you can make the most of this opportunity using your business Twitter profile that is stand-out from the rest.

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