5 Instagram Reels Features You Need to Know

By Bradian Muliadi  | Aug 19, 2020 08:32 (edited)

Despite being recently launched, Instagram Reels has grabbed the attention of many major brands within the 50 countries it has launched in. In order to keep up with social trends, it is important that businesses not only quickly experiment on new social media formats like Instagram Reels but also methodically integrate them into a cohesive social media strategy based on its unique features. Here are the top 5 features of Instagram Reels to leverage on to boost your social media game:

1. AR Effects

Source: Instagram.com

Up to today, there are over 1000 AR Effects available to choose from on Instagram Reels. AR Effects are available in the library on the right side of your Reels page. You are also able to search and save these AR effects. AR effects aren’t only good for the aesthetics of your content, but it can also help you start a trend or distinguish yourself from other content makers.

2. Explore Page

Source: Instagram.com

The Explore page is not something you would be unfamiliar with if you’ve been on Instagram. This page is where Reels that have been getting good engagement goes and get discovered by other users. According to the last report by Instagram, the Reels that make Explore page are still curated manually by Instagram employees. Your goal is to be able to land on the Explore page.

3. Hashtags

Reels can appear almost like a regular Instagram post which means that there is a space for caption and hashtags. Hashtags will also play a role in getting your posts discovered by users. You should actively find a hashtag you can rank well in. Instagram hashtag analytics can help you to do the job.

4. Music

A soundtrack will bring your brand posts to live. It is able to humanize your brand and entertain your followers. Your choice of track on Instagram Reels should not be sidelined or used just as a complement, but it should be integrated in your content plan as a whole. Your track will also impact whether people are willing to interact with your content by creating user-generated content or other forms of engagement.

5. Upload Video

Being able to upload a video may be a basic feature that is available across many social media, but this feature is now a necessity as many brands and marketers need to repurpose their content. As many social media accounts are relevant at the same time, it’s important also to show your presence on the many platforms.

In conclusion, Instagram Reels is a very simple platform. Their features may not be completely novel, but as a marketer or a brand, you should be able to utilize each of them to maximize your reach.

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