5 Best TikTok Hashtags to Boost Your Views and Engagement

By Analisa.io  | Jun 20, 2022 10:37

TikTok Hashtags That Are Relevant to Your Business/Niche

Customized Branded TikTok Hashtags

Viral, Trending TikTok Hashtags

Niche Hashtags-Viral Hashtags Mixed

Promoted TikTok Hashtags: From Branded Hashtag Challenges to Influencer Partnership

Although TikTok is relatively new compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, TikTok has rapidly gained its position as a top challenger in social media. Based on a survey, TikTok has the highest engagement rates per post compared to other social media platforms. It is because of
TikTok's ability to create opportunities for viral marketing to take hold.

On TikTok, using the most popular hashtags can help you increase your brand visibility and reach your target audience to drive the best possible results for your business. Since hashtags are giving a direct impact on your TikTok content in a way that will give you the chance to boost your TikTok reach and engagement, using the right TikTok hashtags is a must. It raises the question, “what hashtags can we use to boost TikTok views and engagement?” In this article, we will present you with five great TikTok hashtags that can boost your TikTok view and engagement.

TikTok Hashtags That Are Relevant to Your Business/Niche

Communities based on similar niches often create their hashtags on TikTok. This maintains relevant topics sorted together and makes them easier to find. Hashtags like #TravelTok, #DanceTok, and #FashionTok are all examples of these niche groups’ hashtags. 

Labeling your videos with specific hashtags that are relevant to your audience is very useful. It will help audiences who are interested in your niche to discover your posted TikTok video. In addition, using niche-relevant hashtags will also boost your view and engagement.

Customized Branded TikTok Hashtags

Customized branded hashtags are becoming popular, many brands have created their hashtags. Besides its function to group TikTok content, branded hashtags will also give audiences a label to use when sharing their content that is related to your products.

This use of customized branded hashtags is a great way to create a community feeling around your brand output on TikTok.

Viral, Trending TikTok Hashtags

Viral, trending TikTok hashtags make it possible for your content to be seen because so many people are searching for them. Viral TikTok hashtags can be seen under the “Discover” tab which is updated every day. Moreover, you can also see which trending audios and hashtags are given the spotlight. Choosing any of them will show you all the videos that have used that hashtag or audio.  

Most hashtags are viral and trending for only a short time, but a few others are consistently popular. Some of the most popular TikTok hashtags, that get the most views are:









Riding the waves of viral-trending TikTok hashtags is tempting. Using TikTok hashtags that are consistently popular, means that they’re very competitive. To stand out from the rest is to research hashtags that are relevant to your audience, or understand which hashtags are just starting to trend, thus you can ride the wave.

Niche Hashtags-Viral Hashtags Mixed

Popular and trending hashtags are undoubtedly great for reaching a massive audience, however, they’re highly competitive. Thus, it is a bit challenging to be seen unless your account already has a large following.

Meanwhile, niche hashtags can help you attract users who are already enthusiastic about your content. In addition, they’re less competitive, making it easier for your content to get discovered. This gives the best solution; to get the best of both sides, combining both types of hashtags is the answer. It will help to gain popularity using the niche hashtag so you can increase your visibility in the viral hashtag.

Promoted TikTok Hashtags: From Branded Hashtag Challenges to Influencer Partnership

Hashtags that brands have customized to establish a niche for themselves, or mostly known as branded hashtags have a better reach on TikTok. Therefore, if you’re on your way to raising brand awareness, a branded hashtag will work like a charm. Using branded hashtags also allows you to form your TikTok community.

Branded hashtags are mostly used to make TikTok challenges. Try to ask your audience to create personal TikTok videos and post them using your customized branded hashtag. If you’re a makeup brand, an example of a challenge could be asking your followers to recreate their favorite makeup look and post a video including your branded hashtag.

Since one of the best ways to improve your online visibility on the platform is by starting a challenge or competition, trying to get creative, and using your branded hashtag when people are participating. The more people create content around your branded hashtag, the better the chances of attracting other TikTok users. 

To further amplify your branded hashtag, consider partnering with TikTok influencers who can promote branded hashtag challenges for you. Because it can sometimes be difficult to create a branded hashtag challenge, partnering with an influencer will help you ease the difficulties. TikTok influencers can provide and promote your challenges, and you can access an audience that is already engaged.

Key Takeaways

TikTok hashtags can elevate videos from the “Discover” tab—where users can scroll videos that use trending hashtags—to the “For You” pages. The TikTok For You page is personalized for each user, this is used as the baseline for the TikTok algorithm to consider each factor like the hashtags used in video captions to select and decide which video content will be shown on TikTok users' For You page.

Thus, it’s a nice idea for brands to input hashtags in their TikTok posts, because it will boost the chance of the TikTok algorithm to spread the video to a broader audience on the platform. 

Applying hashtags that accurately represent your content helps more people discover what they might be looking for.

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