4 Tips to Increase Affiliate Sales with Upselling

By Analisa.io  | Jul 26, 2021 06:34 (edited)

What is Upselling and Cross-Selling?


If you run affiliate marketing in TikTok, you must increase TikTok engagement in order to boost sales. You can do TikTok live streaming or create several videos which promote affiliate marketing programs. When your followers are attracted to purchase your service or product, you can try upselling techniques. Upselling is when a $10 sale turns into a $20 sale or $300 into $600. Before customers checkout their order, they will be offered with some choices based on the products or services they have selected.

After reading this article, you will understand what upselling and cross-selling are and their advantages. Also, you will get four tips to apply these strategies into your affiliate marketing in order to boost your affiliate commission. Learn more below!

What is Upselling and Cross-Selling?

Upselling is when you invite a customer to buy a higher item or a premium version of the product or service they already order. Similar to upselling, cross-selling also provides an opportunity for them to spend more by offering add-ons or additional items related to the product or service.

Unlike high-pressure sales strategy, the best upselling and cross-selling strategy presented as helpful suggestions which enhance the value of the products or services that are already purchased.

These strategies also provide you a chance to introduce your products that your customers don’t know yet. Therefore, you need to have a deep understanding of your products and services before cross-selling and upselling.

Upselling and cross-selling is easy to understand. However, applying these strategies into your affiliate marketing is challenging. Let’s have a look at these four tips below.

Apply a Tiered Pricing Structure

To start upselling, use these three tiered pricing structures: Basic, Advanced, and Premium services. Many of your customers have known this method.

By putting the three-tiered pricing table on your landing page, you may get some upsells. Each transaction provides you a chance to gain more affiliate commissions.

You should provide clear information about the package and the benefit, and reason why customers should upgrade. Some customers may prefer to choose the cheapest package, but some may choose the upsell package because of its benefits. In fact, some customers may skip the lowest package to avoid the worst service.

Give Upsell Bonus to Your Affiliates

You can increase your TikTok or Instagram engagement by cooperating with several TikTok or Instagram influencers to be your affiliates. After that, you can increase your sales by giving an upsell bonus everytime they get upsell. This method encourages them to gain higher affiliate commission and also makes them feel appreciated.

You can ease their job by giving them complete information on all of your products or services. Also, you can provide them with several banner ads and links with anchor text, so they can promote your upsell easily.

Manage your Cross-Sell Efforts to Increase Sales

If you work with TikTok or Instagram influencers, guide them to do cross-selling. Cross-selling is when you offer related products or services before your customers check out their shopping cart. This strategy is effective to encourage customers to spend more, as they are ready to make a purchase. You can use some e-commerce plugins, such as
WooCommerce. This plugin has a feature that helps you to show related products or services automatically during the checkout process.

Another method to increase these buying opportunities is by showing headlines and product descriptions that provide value and are also attractive. Optimizing your customer experience by applying these methods can lead to increased sales.

Increase Cross-Sells in Your Email Marketing Campaign

The last strategy is using email marketing. You can follow up previous transactions with related products or ask the customers to upgrade the products or services that are already purchased before. Remind them that the offer is limited to upgrades or get add-ons.

It is not a hard selling strategy although it may work sometimes. You can send some emails that educate your customers to use the product they have purchased and also provide them some information that other customers gain more benefits after buying related products. Also, provide some links to those items or landing pages to help them purchase the items.

You can also insert some images to highlight the value of the product along with the other related product. The other method is by sending a follow up email after the purchase with a discounted price to encourage them to buy the same product as a gift to their friends or family.


You can increase your affiliate commissions with upselling and cross-selling.
You can gain more affiliate commission by offering higher or premium options, add-ons, and related products.

After reading this article, you understand upselling and cross-selling, and their benefits, and also four strategies to apply these methods into your affiliate marketing strategy:

  1. Apply a tiered pricing structure.
  2. Give Upsell Bonus to Your Affiliates
  3. Manage your cross-sell effort to increase sales.
  4. Increase cross-sells in your email marketing campaigns.

Do you have any questions related to upselling and cross-selling? Leave your comments below!

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