3 Tips to Grow Instagram Followers

By Bradian Muliadi  | Sep 14, 2020 10:44 (edited)

How Important are Followers for Your Instagram

Why do You need to Increase Your Followers Number?

Tips to grow Instagram followers

Any brand or marketer must have thought about strategies to increase the number of their followers. While for larger brands or certain accounts, followers can come naturally, while for most accounts, specific strategies need to be executed to reach the targeted number of followers.

How Important are Followers for Your Instagram

Followers number is one of the few aspects that people use to judge an Instagram performance. Followers are a central aspect of your overall strategy because they are those who receive the message you are sending on social media, whether that’s promotional messages, a brand image, or any other form of information.

Why do You need to Increase Your Followers Number?

Although there are many factors to take into account when judging an account, such as Instagram engagement, followers number can bring one of the biggest impacts to your Instagram growth.

1. Building Consumer Loyalty

Sometimes we are more focused on customers or users, when in fact followers can be just as influential to our businesses. Your followers are your loyal consumers. After all, social media is a platform to show your likings and affiliations. By following you, your followers or consumers show to their community that they are part of your community online. They are also one step closer than other consumers when it comes to sharing your products and values to other people.

2. Authorizing Your Account

When it comes to making a good first impression, your followers number is essential. An Instagram user will likely engage with your ads, or follow your account when they see that you have a certain amount of followers. The number of followers written on your profile authorizes your position as a legitimate brand. This is especially useful when your account is being compared to another account that is in the same industry as you. It’s easier for people to choose to follow your account instead of others.

Tips to grow Instagram followers


1. Have a Targeted Instagram Strategy

An Instagram strategy is better implemented when it’s directed to a specific goal. Examples of this goal are increasing Instagram engagement, traffic to the website, sales, or brand awareness. When you have one of these goals in mind, it is easier to find a tactic that could help you. For example, increasing Instagram engagement often requires you to find the best posting time or use the right Instagram hashtags.

Having a clear target helps you grow your Instagram plan as a whole. Such a target can help you decide the right content to plan or post for the coming time. Growing Instagram followers often require a long-term strategy, instead of a short campaign or individual posts.

2. Build Your Strategy Based on Data

In order for your strategy to be precise and effective, it should be based on reliable data. It is unlikely that you will be able to be shown to the right people at the right posting time, without data as to who and when that is.

This is why many marketers opt for an Instagram analytics tool to maximize their strategy. Typically, Instagram analytics tools are able to guide you to find the right audience that suits your market and are likely to respond to your content. This way, you can reach out to an audience that will follow you.

Source: Taggbox

3. Collaborate with Relevant Accounts

A part of a social media strategy often includes a collaboration with bigger accounts, which could be Instagram influencers or other brands. In most cases, successful brands take advantage of Instagram influencer analytics to find influencers that will optimize their campaigns.

Instagram influencer analytics have the ability to show the important aspects of your influencer campaigns. It will show you the audience these influencers are most popular to, the topics they discuss best, the posting time and hashtags that they use best, and their followers authenticity.


Growing your followers is an important measure to get the most of your instagram account. To do it, marketers and brands must pay attention to their goals, their data, and their external relations with relevant parties. All of these are made easier with the help of social media analytics.


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