3 Reasons Why TikTok is Crucial for Influencer Marketing

By Analisa.io  | Jan 08, 2021 08:16

TikTok Features are Easy to Use

Many Influencers Use TikTok

TikTok Audiences have High Engagement Rates and High Participation Rates

TikTok Features are Easy to Use

Not everyone can operate an editing application like Adobe Premiere. However, everyone can create content with Tik Tok. With its easy-to-use features, you can make funny videos very easily.

TikTok is a social media platform that has many features to offer from sound, music, sound effects, voice-over, reactions, and many more. These features can support your brand or business marketing activities. Another benefit of this creative feature is that it becomes an alternative new way to tell stories or storytelling in a fun way about your business.

Tik Tok video content is very easy to get shares. The benefit those of you who want to get viral momentum for your product. For that, you need to make content that is as creative as possible. You can be famous with viral content, and absolutely you can be a TikTok influencer. But before posting, you must know when is the best TikTok posting time. You should know about your TikTok analytics too.

Many Influencers Use TikTok

TikTok is widely used by influencers. This will benefit business people who want to endorse goods. The reason is, when an influencer has entered a platform, the artist's fanbase will automatically be affected to play TikTok. Well, take advantage of this to neutralize your product.

TikTok has innovated various ways to advertise your brand effectively, by combining authentic content and subtle marketing. TikTok also strives to make products accessible through videos that you post on TikTok and at the same time, TikTok creates displays that disguise advertisements to look like user-generated content.

This includes in-feed ads appearing on For You Page, branded hashtag challenges, and 2D AR branded filters. TikTok also allows you to bid for your Ads to appear live when users in your area open TikTok, a method known as a 24-hour takeover.

If you have been in the world of social media for a long time, you must have had a hard time creating ad content. Often times, we have a hard time balancing authentic content with content that sells. TikTok allows the appearance of ads that are visually authentic but still have an advertising element.

TikTok Audiences have High Engagement Rates and High Participation Rates

Collaboration is the hallmark of TikTok, where it is not just like, comment, and share, but also to participate directly. TikTok users tend to prefer to participate in your stories or activities rather than just listening to stories. You as a business person get the opportunity together with the TikTok community to create and take part in trends together.

Through TikTok, audiences can become so actively engaged by marketing campaigns that it encourages them to create their own version of the marketing campaign. For brands or businesses, of course, they will feel the positive impact of their campaigns on your brand's marketing performance.

One of the keys to success is consistency. Once you have created your TikTok account, it's time to start working and start posting videos. Every famous TikTok influencer has something in common and that is volume. If you go to their page you will see that they have made hundreds and thousands of videos which means they keep uploading, some even have the freedom to upload every day. You need to understand that no one knows you on TikTok (Unless you are already famous or popular elsewhere), therefore, the only way to get known on TikTok is to keep posting videos.

Like and comment on other people's videos, especially if they have a lot of views. You can also direct people to your page through your comments without being too obvious. For example, if you watch a mukbang challenge video about someone eating chilies, you can say something. Make sure to emphasize the difference as I did the last two words. This can immediately grab anyone's attention. Now people will go to my yard to see how challenging my spicy noodles are.

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