3 Don’ts for Your Brand on TikTok

By Bradian Muliadi  | Feb 28, 2020 08:56

TikTok has been dubbed many things, from being a 'whiz making machine' to 'Gen Z's preferred stage', and ‘fastest-growing social media in history’. Their meteoric rise has been a godsend for advertisers chasing green fields in online traffic, however not every business has figured out best practices in strategizing and executing their social media marketing in TikTok, so here are three things Analisa.io, a leading Instagram & TikTok analytics company, thinks businesses should avoid:

1. Reusing content from another platform

TikTok’s predominantly Gen Z and millennial audience is generally digital savvy, and they would be quick to catch posts that persons or businesses copy from other platforms into TikTok’s feed.  It is not that difficult to spot either, and feels unnatural (hence uneffective) since TikTok’s full-screen 15 second video feed is very unique and immersive unlike other platforms’. When in TikTok, do as the TikTokers do by creating native and authentic content with fun music and filters.

2. Being too formal and serious

TikTok is a platform that provides users with an element of virtual escapism, with raw forms of expression that promote creativity and eccentricity.  More often than not, any content that is too formal or serious will not find its place on TikTok and sit well among its active users. TikTok is an avenue to show the fun and lively side of your brand, versus the more structured and curated approach on Instagram, Linkedin, or Facebook.

3. Not working with influencers or promoting user-generated content

As Gen Z users make up majority of TikTok users, brands need to unlearn conventional methods of advertising and adapt to this younger audience’s habits and inclinations, which is to create content. This is a great opportunity for brands to outsource creative concepting and content production, while leveraging on others users to amplify their marketing message.  TikTok’s viral and addictive feed is dominated by unique content challenges, so try to host your own challenges to engage users within and beyond your existing audience.

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