3 Benefits of Launching an Instagram Shop and going into Social Commerce

By Bradian Muliadi  | Aug 24, 2020 07:43 (edited)

Having an Instagram Shop is not just an additional marketing step or an optional strategy for your brand. It has real benefits that could significantly boost your performance if done well and accompanied by strategic Instagram tactics. Here are the 3 benefits that your brand could get from starting and growing an Instagram Shop.

1. Simpler Shopping Experience for Consumers

Source: www.just-style.com

Even before the rise of social commerce, Instagram is a popular platform to build brand-consumer relationships. Instagram Shopping is a clever way for brands to insert their products in the conversations held through content. Essentially, Instagram becomes a new type of storefront in the digital world we live in, allowing shopping to happen in a convenient and entertaining way.

Most importantly, Instagram Shopping allows us to reduce friction in the traditional offline or online purchasing process. There is no longer a necessity to browse through catalogs or clicking different links to check prices as the process can take place in the same platform that users open daily.

2. Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Instagram has been the first touch-point for consumers to interact with brands. This means that before making purchase decisions, your consumers are likely to look you up on Instagram. Traditionally, after agreeing with your profile and style, they visit your store offline or click on your bio to visit your site. However, by having an Instagram store, you cut that length and allow your followers or visitors to directly convert into buying consumers.

This directness allows you to raise the Return on Investment (ROI) that you make in various ways. For example, it can raise your customer's satisfaction rate because of the convenience and promptness of the process. Instagram also has more power to influence people into buying a product and even to become a loyal customer, therefore it tends to have a higher power to create conversion. If the Instagram social commerce is done optimally, there could be much more buying and rebuying opportunities for brands.

3. Prompting Impulse Purchases

Source: help.instagram.com

Traditionally, the action of visiting a store offline or online comes from an active urge or plan to buy a product or a particular product. However, with Instagram Shopping, consumers are enabled to tap into their impulse. This means that as they browse for entertainment, inspiration, or simply out of boredom, they can come across a product they want to buy.

The gap that is bridged by Instagram Shopping, if put into context, is so much bigger than the buying process itself. Because aside from people who are shopping, Instagram Shopping also grabs the people who can, might, and should buy your products. In other words, expanding the number of people who buy from your brand.
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