11 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Absolutely Nailed His Instagram Game

By Sea.mashable.com  | Jul 08, 2019 08:59

You shouldn't really need a reason to follow Jake Gyllenhaal on Instagram. Don't look at me like that, it's true.

If you do happen to be the picky type, however, and don't blindly follow any celebrity on the platform, then let me have a go at convincing you.

The charismatic Spider-Man: Far From Home actor has only been active on the 'gram for about six months now, but he's already racked up over 3 million followers with his unique blend of Ryan Reynolds burns and Tom Holland bromancery.

"I came to the conclusion that nobody cares about anything anymore, so I should join Instagram," Gyllenhaal told Jimmy Fallon in February. 

From cheesy filters to staged silliness and prize-worthy captions, here are 11 of his most glorious posts so far. Go forth and follow.

1. The time he joined the Marvel universe, but discovered they hadn't made him Spider-Man.


2. The time he showed off his new car to 50 Cent (make sure you scroll right for the photo, too).

3. The time he showcased his wonderful new PJs.

4. The time he stayed in character for breakfast...

5. ...and continued staying in character, even after the Far From Home premiere.

6. The time he used his strong caption game to burn his Spider-Man co-stars...

7. ...and the time he wielded these skills to troll Ryan Reynolds.

8. The time he showcased his undeniably superb singing voice.

9. This lovely bit of photoshopping.

10. This outstanding filter game, which seems to perfectly sum up his feelings towards Tom Holland.

11. And finally, his "melancholy" burn, which will surely go down in the history books.

Never stop posting, Jake.

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